The humans of Xern joined the GAN Empire after breaking off from the exendrian humans long ago following their defeat during the Great Exendrian War. They despised what would later become members of the UNT, never forgiving those who had been involved in the war, most notably the Inorr. They didn't have much true loyalty to the exendrian humans in charge so didn't mind that the emperor fell, but they had wanted to seize control of their own to expand humans into further greatness at their head. This was interrupted completely as a result of the events that took place during the war and later on with the UNT came into play, causing them to further distance themselves from the exendrians and UNT.

They teamed up with the GAN under the promise that the exendrian humans, the Inorr, and all the rest of the UNT would be taken out and the humans of Xern would gain command of Exendria and leadership over all the humans in exchange for their services.

Xern humans account for a decent amount of the GAN forces as far as a single race is concerned, focusing on quantity over quality.

Appearance Edit

They look like normal humans but are mostly brown haired, slightly golden tanned, with freckles. However, they also have brought in other humans under their wing, leading to more diverse humans as well.

Culture Edit

They are a diverse group of people, although stereotypes paint them as all war mongering. It's true that they do have a violent history and a militaristic culture with universal conscription. Everyone could be called to battle at a moments notice and were given mandatory training during school, but only for the basics and very few end up actually being called into combat outside of major wars.

Military Edit

They have a military that is of decent quality and very large quantity with an impressive industry backing them up. They prefer ground battles, more specifically tanks, which they seem to adore far more than the average race. Tanks are like mascots to them and the cornerstone of most of their battle plans. Take out their tanks and their foot soldiers would quickly turn into cannon fodder, although they can quickly regain most losses they take with the fresh batch of recruits.

They are known to take young and old, male and female into their ranks as long as they enlist. Conscription usual goes for the more able bodied people first, as once can imagine, so most of the outliers are easily identified as being enlisted and often have more training, having more time to spare while the others are emergency forces. Older individuals are often members of the tank crews, offering their experience as tank commanders.

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