((Note: I’ll incorporate this into the Chutorck page once I get to redoing that, but in the meanwhile I want this info to be available.))

A World Eater is a Chutorck capital ship and weapon of mass destruction. It’s 20 km long, mostly rectangular in shape and powered by a cold fusion reactor at its core. It has a thick metal hull and a trio of very powerful cling-shield generators spread out cross its length to provide incredible defence. There are eight massive plasma cannons along its flanks that can chew through all but the most well-armoured of ships in seconds, and a ton of smaller pherza turrets meant for taking down smaller, speedier ships.

But its most dangerous feature is the Apocalypse Cannon situated at the very front. Although it looks like an enormous cannon from afar, it’s actually a cluster of missile silos that can fire a wave of guided two-stage missiles for the purpose of planetary extermination. When activated, the targeting system designates each missile to target a different point on the planet’s surface, spread out evenly to cover the entire landmass, even if the missiles have to loop around the planet to reach it.

The first stage of each missile, set off when it nears the ground, is a directed high-power plasma blast that causes it to bore deep into the planet’s crust. The second stage is a gravity bomb that blows the crust apart from within, opening up a supersized volcano at the area of impact and causing heavy earthquakes across a huge area. Between the initial blasts and the ensuing catastrophes, they are known to kill over 99.9% of all life on the target planet within a matter of hours.

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