Wherolf (pronounced as Were-olf) are Andremea's Wherewolf race, making them a sub-race, generally having humans to turn but can turn most other races.

They are born trough 2 ways and span 3 breeds where all still exist.

the 3 are: Where, Lyrn and Ferin


it all depends on which of the 3 we are talking about:

-Where's (pronounced as Were) normally look exactly like humans normally, but during certain lunar cycles (depending on the planets possibilities) can react differently, normally, on the home planet they become humanoid wolfs during a full moon.

-Lycn (pronounced as Lij-ken) also look like humans normally but when agitated show their carnivouris teeth and their eyes turn feral as that their fingernails turn more like claws, as wolfs they are double the size of a normal wolf and come in different colors.

-Ferin (pronounced as Fer-rin) are big hulky wolf like humanoids, more feral and bulky then a Where in wolf form, they are twice the size of a large human in both length and wide, they come in black and brown and can have 2 types of eye colors, one line has red, the other blue, they dont have a human shape at all.

Livespan/aging and childbirth:Edit

those born from one or both parents being a part of the Wherolf sub-race would stop aging at the age of 21, all those turned after that age would not age at all, only exeption is the Ferin who live for around 10.000 years before dying of old age (trough most die before from other causes)

both with the Where and Lycn concieve and give birth the natural way, already possessing the parents powers, meaning that a where born on a full moon would be born in wolf shape.

the same go's for the Ferin but there child is born bald and slim in build, only gaining its true body mass at the age of 16.

Lycn children need to learn to control their power at the age of 5.

both the Where and lycn can turn others as a secondary reproduction system as well, trough this wont work for a Ferin.


The Wherolf fall under a sub -race, meaning the generally have the same culture as the ones that the individual used to belong to.

however there are a few sub-cultures as well, generally based on specific groups.

A general rule is that they need to stay in the shadows, not meaning out of the sun light for logical reasons but more that they should not be found out by others, this generally can indanger their groups and on a larger note the entire race.

The Ferin also possess 2 problems:

1 they dont have a human shape so they have to live in mountains and woods that are normally hard to reach.

2 the blue eyed ones are feral wild and very aggresive and even a danger to the red eyed social minded ones.


Wherolf started as a human, but not any human.

The First Wherolf was born from the Immortal man, a person who was infected by a space plague, yet for some reason he was able to survive it and instead of getting sick he stopped aging and was unable to get sick or poisoned.

This man had 2 son's, one was bitten by a bat, becoming the first Vaire , the other was bitten by a wolf becoming the first Wherolf.

In the beginning there were only the Were's, most got used to living a sheltered live so not to attack those close to them when the full moon came.

eventually it was the bloodline of the first Wherolf that started the hunters.

Eventually one of the first decendend was able to kill a decendend of the Vaire, a foul man called Dalucar who was weakened from a previous fight, he killed the man in his Where form and with the blood and flesh he had teken into himself mutated, gaining control of his transformation while it initelf changed as well.

thus giving birth to the first Lycn.

Eventually some Lycn started to live in their Lycn form, breeding and as some spend their entire live in theire wolf shape, their children became more and more wolf until the Ferin was born, which interestingly enough was a decended of the 1st Wherolf.

each breed now has only 1 decenend left (as far as known to other tribes and races)


Wherolf speak the same langauge as the one they used before getting turned or what they learn from the parents and environment as with us. they also all speak in a wolven type speech by nature.


The Wherolf have no personal tech as a sub-race, so they only use tech of humans and other races, just as with the culture.


-Where's change im general during a full moon but it has been noted that on other planets they might get a different cycle as the moon might be closer, further or there are more moons. --when taking on a full change they get as fast as a car on the freeway, able to run between 100 amd 140 km per hour, they dont have any increase of pure strength as most storys tell but they are stronger in where form then human form troufh still in human levels. they act on instinct, hunting, feeding, strong senses in all 5 ways, with the sense of touch its generally stronger in pleasure areas, making them fierce in bed and able to actually get tamed if it was not for the strong feral manner and the fact that it will be reset when they turn human again. only their fangs are toxic, able to kill a Vaire and turn others into a Where as well. --in rare cases of a unregular lumar exposure (as said before, further away, closer by, more then one moon) there is a small chance of a halve change or controlled change, this can be in a lot of different ways from a feral human to a conscious beast and all in between, even a wildee version of the consciousness mind with a body that is like human but with more hair, fangs and claws and such features.

-Lycn can change on will into a large wolf, they are not as fast as a Where but are they are in full control and very agile, fast as real wolves, some are faster then that, powerful jaws to a level of a crocodile and thick furr that can withstand a lot, acting like a more natural armor. they can also halve change, turning into a more Where shape, giving better agility and able to grab and slash with claws and such traits fitting the posture but the other traits as jaw strength and thick fur are lost as that they can only swim in thr full wolf shape.

-Ferin have no humam shape are the biggest of the 3 and are the ones with the strength seen in storys able to fling a bus trough the air by a mere swing of their arms, they have more thick muscles to act as an armor of piercing attacks and bones thay can take sword slashes. Their biggest weakness is their hearing, to much sound will hurt and confuse them


Magiwaves and magic are not much of an active roll for the Wherolf as most dont have the ability to learn magic.

In general only those turned that were able to use magic can learn it.

In rare cases some first blood line might be able to learn the basics but nothing to grand.


99% of the Wherolf population can be found on a single planet in sector 53, a planet originally belonged to humans of the Andremea, it is now one of the biggest populations behind the Vaire of the planet: Sutral .

Religion and military:Edit

They have no religion and no military aside the packs they generally live in, only if the danger is high enough would all packs of one breed come to work together and only in dire need would all 3 work together.

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