Here's a helpful guide to the different types of weapons that you may come across within the Andreemea galaxy. Things mentioned on this page are only the average of what you'd expect in order to give a basic idea. As such you can expect some exceptions to pop up from time to time, and in the hands of a skilled warrior, even someone with a stick can defeat someone with a gun.

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These are weapons that fire bullets that are made of physical materials such as metal, and are one of the most common weapon types around due to being a rather low tech solution yet still capable of being on a similar level of effectiveness to higher tech weapons, at least up to a point.

Where they shine the most compared to most other weapons is their long range without loosing power, especially notable during space combat. They're also relatively cheap besides certain railguns or other high tech equipment to make the bullets even more powerful or effective in other ways. The fire rate is among the highest, excluding continuous fire weapons such as lasers.

The main downside is their that their power isn't the best compared to most weapons unless you're firing at a longer range and the other weapons loose their effectiveness. A metal bullet's weakness is all the more apparent against heavy shielding and armor found on ships. At a certain point it would require so many continuous steams of bullets to penetrate that it becomes far from cheap or convenient. They're best at taking out weakened or otherwise unshielded ships from a safe distance, otherwise most of the time it's best to just go up close with other more powerful weapon systems to get the job done. One final notable downside is that metal firing weapons are heavier and takes up more space, especially if you take into account their ammo.


Energy weapons use heat, cold, electricity or other types of energy to deal damage. Some launch physical matter as a conductor for the energy but don't rely on the impact of the physical matter to deal any damage. Elzion Weapons are by far the most common type of energy weapon to the point where they're often simply called energy weapons and you can assume what they mean unless otherwise obvious. Plasma Weapons and pherza far less common in terms of numbers, but still widely used.

Energy is best at very high damage output at a close range. They can often be charged up for even greater power, giving it a lot of flexibility to carry out the job.

The main downside is its range. Although not much of a problem in room to room fighting, take things to a larger battlefield and there's no way you're getting the energy very far. It looses power the further it travels, so even if it does reach a far off target it might end up doing negligible damage as it quickly dissipates in midair. It's this downside that forces star fighters, for example, to get up close and personal to dogfight with their opponents and enemy vessels to pull up right besides one another.


Not as exciting as what movies make them out to be due to generally being invisible to the naked eye unless the person wants to make it visible for some odd reason. Visible "lasers" are often just energy weapons that people misuse the term laser for. Actual lasers aren't as commonly used as the previous two examples for combat scenarios, but of course have many other uses.

Lasers can fire a continuous stream of destruction, and as previously stated can be invisible, the two primary advantages. Its longer range, if not interfered by the atmosphere, is best suited to be used in space, especially because ships can have huge laser generators.

The main downside is that they're easily effected by the atmosphere, so if you're in a any kind of fog, dust storm, or many other scenarios that lessen the power of light to get through, then good luck getting the laser to accurately fire or be very powerful. One downside of its continuous stream of damage is that it often needs said stream to stay on their opponent for a bit to become lethal.


This is pretty obvious. They can make things go boom and are popular in many societies no matter what other primary means of weapon they use.

They have high power against unshielded objects and can still take down shields decently enough. However, they are clearly more expensive than most other options.


Magical technology weapons are a mixed bag so expect many exceptions. They tend to lean towards the side of more powerful due to a relative disregard of most forms of defense but tend to have slow firing speed, limited range, very high energy cost and/or other drawbacks.


Weapons that rely on chemical reactions between a substance and the target to cause their damage. They tend to deal damage over time rather than instantly and get around the enemy's defences in some way. The most common chemical weapon is poison gas, but rare acid-based weapons exist as well. Most chemical weapons are outlawed throughout much of the galaxy due to their inhumane nature and the fact that they're often employed as weapons of mass destruction. Thus, they're nowadays rarely found, except among rogue factions that choose to disregard the laws of warfare.

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