Despite his tall, muscular body and fearsome appearance, he's actually a very timid, polite, and apologetic member of the elite fighter wing Charundeer that is serving the UNT. He's widely considered to be the third best, even able to defeat second best Celena Ellis once in a one-on-one dogfight; a highly impressive feat. His fighter plane was custom made to account for his larger stature, and taking advantage of the larger size he also had installed a powerful pherza canon, making his fighter the most offensively capable one in the entire wing when taking account all of his other installed weaponry as well. Rising through the ranks rather quickly, he became squad leader of Tursuraang within the Charundeer Wing.


He's what most people would picture as a devil. He's humanoid and stands in at 9 foot 5. He has dark maroon skin covering his thick, rippling muscles. He has two sets of horns, his thicker upper ones coming off of his temples and curving downwards, while two smaller ones come off the bottom of his chin and curve upwards slightly to avoid gouging into his own wide, sturdy shoulders. His feet are hoofed and his hands naturally have long, pointy claws (although he trims them delicately to much more manageable and orderly size).


Outside of his career as a pilot he's very timid, polite, and apologetic; a major pushover to be sure. However, he doesn't allow himself to be walked on during battle, never letting up or surrendering until his foe can no longer threaten the side of justice. This doesn't always mean destroying them, but he does what he feels is necessary.

When not in battle his primary is hobby flower arranging. He also likes writing letters to his mother and trimming his claws.


He's an elite pilot. Although physically strong and durable, he seldom puts this talent to use.


He was born on a poor planet where his race is rare and not very well developed, needing outside aid for medical attention. His mother was one of the ones in need of such medicine, but had little of value to offer in order to get it. As such Waufdoor took matters into his own hands, joining the security team for the medical personnel in exchange for them supplying her mother with the much necessary medicine. He flew a real clunker of a ship during his missions, but even so he managed to help fend off space pirates who had their eyes on the expensive medicine the transport ships possessed. One time he was even instrumental to their survival, earning more then enough medicine for her mother to have a lifetime supply of it.

With his main goal accomplished he could have retired to go back to his simple life, but the rest of his people were still very poor and he was recognized for his great natural talent at flying. He joined the UNT military to help them and many others in need, rising in the ranks repeatedly until he got to where he is now.

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