An WJTV is a shortend name for Worm Jump Transport Vessle

these glaizart ships are one of the 2 kinds of Glaizart tech able to open small wormholes to jump from one place to an other.

they are between the large and small ships of Glaizart tech using primarely the Generic reactor engine, however they have been equipted with the V2 engins making them one of the fastes of all Glaizart ships (aside the LFT).

they are not cheap to hire and not cheap to build. being more expensive than a LFT  and a LHT  in both building cost and hiring costs, they are cheaper then the WJHT to hire

these ships have a spade shaped head, fighter jet wings and a rectengulair ending where the cargo container can be fitten untop.

they are equipted with:

-V2 Generic Reactor engins

-Linar lane engins

-Aura sense amplifier

-Generic Linier AI systems

-Waypoint temporal shielding

they are:

-2 man ships

-able to jump from one place to an other

-fast and very agile


-simple automatic assualt turrent (unknown race)


List of Glaizart tech

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