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Volray Zables







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Volray Zables

just his usual day

his crystal made hair is pointed backwards with 2 spikes running next to his face, a yellow dim type crystal covers his eyes (he can see trough it just perfectly) his crystals are colored Yellow at the start and will be of a translucent type, short Crystal spikes out of his lower arms towering backwards and a crystal tail, he has normal skin on his stomach and of course his face as thighs, the usual musculature body while still slim and due to his clothes most think he has no muscles at all.


(not good in explaining this) He is a good person, eager to proof himself and eager to act when needed, he follows his instincts and is quick on deciding things when in action, he find other people lives of a higher priority then his own and cares a lot for others fast and easy, he might close himself to others at times but for some reason not many think of him badly being someone that seems to be liked easily for some reason. trough someone that takes his job serious, he loves to look at other worlds cultures, mostly the shops as you can find interesting things at times, something he supervisors have accepted and often they give him some free time after or during a mission for this, but when he is needed he will always put the shops and other things at 2e place.




currently non, trough a discussion was being made right before the start of the rp about possible joining the IGCP


(in Shiira military): Fighter pilot and close range/ melee specialist, master chief prime rank

(in the Exeralune): (once joined) field commander.


the Shiira's natural ability to create crystal in the extreme hard and strong solid styles, making swords and wall (as example), good instincts and a fast learner, very adaptive person, fully trained natural in arial assault using fighter ships and planes, also trained in tank type vehicles and sniper style human weapons.


the Shiira ability style to keep changing the crystals and controlling them after creating is his weak point meaning he can not make crystal fighter ships or tanks, he cares for others too easily and that can be used against him, he is not good in range combat (meaning guns and other projectile assaults that are not built in vehicles, aside snipers)


Volray currently has not learned magic, but if he ever would learn it, he would likely focus on earth based magic.


Crystal contact enhancer (allows long rang (planet to orbit) communication in the Shiira way of communications), range type barrier shield (human created) (think halo: spartan shields)


when he was just 16 he joined the defense program as his father was one of the founders, shortly after they looked at his skills, finding him to be powerful in the solid style and being a natural in fighter ships control's, they learned him how to control their version of tanks and learned him the basics of human tanks and ships in case of (trough they do not know all of it) as giving him a full training in close range combat using his ability, however they soon found out that he was incapable to use range skills and weapons effectively, however they found out he was able to use snipers effectively after learning him the accuracy eye crystal pattern and how to mix it with other patterns (like night vision and heat).

they thought his weakness in using guns would however proof a big problem, but his instincts in close range fighting and crystallizing weapons on a whim proved that problem to be something small, yet still a issue when faced with a lot of gunman's but even so he quickly went up ranks what allowed him to join on the first travel on one of the Shiira's space ships: Pillar. during one of his first job's on the Pillar they came to an human planet where he traded a made Topaz chunk for a barrier shield that was made to work solely on enemy gun fire, lowering his weakness, trough not taking it out.

now he got the job to protect and transport one of the leaders while going to the IGCP, talking about a lot of things for a alliance. the discussion ended a little while ago and as one of the IGCP leaders wanted to see a spaceship made from crystal the entire group went to the Pillar with a small transport ship from the IGCP, leaving Volray on the planet with the job to bring the fighter back to the ship, but giving him some free time to look around the planet and some shops.

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