The Vlat are a race more out of nightmares and horrer storys.

they live hidden from the universe behind the area the core wraiths are surrounding.

Physologie, personality and abilitysEdit

trough no one has seen one and lived, if ever seen one to start with, the stories tell that they are red skinned 3m tall monsters, the skin aside red is rugged with muscules and black markings.

hey have horns on their head, different sizes, shapes colors and more from one to an other, red eyes with black where the white is surposed to be, are other discibed with black beards, and sometimes with black hair, trough some seem to have a red color trough the black hairs, their teeth are all big yellow pointed and round shaped and they have a thick big snake like toung.

they have 2 sets of arms, the 2e set always seem to be somewhere different on the body, but most of the time on the torso, they have spikes from their spines and black hair running from their neck to their tail, they have different types of tails from one to another, same go's for their feet, their hands are large, big with 6 fingers and black long and seemingly unbreakable nails, on the second set they can have other things as hands just like the feet, tail and horns, from their elbows they have large pointed bones sticking out and claw like bones from their knees

the females have wings made from bones and can even seem to be rearangables to suite other uses, they females also have a much smoother body shape and large breasts, really large as they seem more like succubusses, where the male looks like demons.

these monsters, the males are stronger then any race, they are faster then humans, the males are not agile.

the males can not use magic but are immune to it in anyway aside from large scale effects on an area (meaning not aimed on them directly) but these spells need to have a large and powerful effect on or by the natural laws of nature, as space/time/demension pits.

the males do however seem to be able to breath fire.

the females are equal fast but instead of strong they are more agile then any other race.

they are rarely seen in fighting action but are still dangerous.

the excel in magic, mostly ellemental forces and mind control, as other dark arts.

the female are not able to breath fire trough but are immune to it, as they can take a lot of damage (as logical when looking at their childbirth matters)

both do not even breath at all, needing no air.

the most horrorfying thing about them however is that they do not feel pain and due to this are ofter seen having done physical muttilation to them self and moddifications to there own bodys while still awake, usually did it them self.

the young ones are still demonic in appearence, and all those that are meant to live on their own planet are the same, still being demonic purely

but the ones that go to space, however are seen to have moddified themself to be cybernettic monsters, having infrared eyes, guns as hands, a metal plate with whiring where they heart used to be (this in fact is done by others after one of them dies, usually by fighting between each other, not because they care, but as they found that person worthy enough to get a second chance, cutting out his heart (trough often this is not needed as the winner of the fight did that to win) and using the cybernettic knowledge to instal something that can work as a new heart)

as stated in the above text and noted in the: leavy the childeren to fend for themself, they do not feel any compassion, love or anything 'good' for each other or anything for that, they only look for stregth and power.

they are sentient trough and a long time ago have decided that they should rules over space, since that day they have started to work on building a unstoppable fleet, stealing weapons, selling milk for cash and making themself as powerful as possible (the cybernettic part) all for universal domination

it is them that have inspired the demons in the bible

Livespan, childbirth and aging:Edit

nothing is known anout their livespan.

about childbirth is an other matter: the race is around 90% males, resulting that the woman mate with a male every day, sometimes more then once a day, storing all seed in their bodys and growing as much childeren as succesful inpregnation was able that time, and giving birth to a very large amount of childeren in one go, some premature, some already at a stage where they are a few mounths old.

this way of childbirth and mating seems to have no downside or side effects to the females, and they are rather to mate straigth afterwards.

the childeren themself are left to fend for themself, but by instinct this is no problem as they are born more feral and start hunting right away, usally attacking the premature ones, trough some storys tell that the premature ones can be even more dangerous then the older ones.

the females do have milk in their breasts but not fitted for nurtaring childeren, the milk seems to have a healing effect, but also a very powerful aphrodisiac that seem to increase the spermcount and ball size in the males, the milk amount and breast size for the females, no matter what race (this milk has even reach the blackmarkets troughout the universe as "devils milk" )


not going to give them an entire page for it (at least not now)

they are extreemly far compared to any other race, only races from the old age (as s'shaurans) can rival their tech, but either they did not attempted to go so far or died out.

they have cyberkinettics, and all are virus free as their own minds rule the tech and control the cyber tech by pure thoughts, even for those with a chip in their brain, the chip is (to be precise) attackd by the brain cells, having the cells growth tendrills and attached the chip trough those, the chips functions work still the same but are controlled from the brain, leaving all cybernettic weaknesses out

aside the horror tech, they have a full control of dark matter and more that non in the uni can understand aside the Vlat.

they use darkmatter to create shields around their planet and their ship, making the core wraith nothing more then passerbys in space.

there weapons use darkmatter as projectiles, but the worst oneof all their tech:

they are able to siphon power from the blackhole itself, this is their main source of power on their planet, but they use this power in a different matter as well:

they can from their ship create a miniture black hole in front of them that only sucks things in on one side, being the most terrifying weapon

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