Vampire is a planet in the outer most corner of sector 9, and the 6e world of the Gremory


The planet possess all natural area's you can imagine, including more floating rocks.

This is because the planet used to be nothing more then a barren world but terraformed by magic, it is not save and stable enough to live on it but has a lot of locations that are useful for the Gremoy rating games, this is why the planet was terraformed for in the first place.

the water on this planet seem to be brown in color but not due to dirt.

The Planet has a unique atmosphere giving it a yellow sky, trough this seems to have no other effects as far as known.

It possess 0 moon.

Planet contantEdit

This planet possess a small amount of animals, all of these can be found on the Gremory homeworld of Gigori .

same with the plants.

(due to them being brought here in order to keep the terraforming status active without the need to use more magic.)

(see also: Underheav: animals and plants )

you can also find a lot of ruins from the Elder age in different artitecture's, spanning from mayan styles to current modern (by earth/ real world) settings.

this planet is being used solely for rating games, trough it is devided by the 72 pillars, each was given the options of making their own games rules and change the land to their liking.

see also: Planets of sector 9

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