Vaire (pronounced as Va-i-ru) are Andremea's vampire race, making them a sub-race, generally having humans to turn but can turn most other races.

They are born trough 2 ways and span 7 generations where some of the older ones still exist.


In general they all share the same physiology, pale skin, fangs, bright eyes, beyond that they all seem the same as humans in any way, They do possess a black heart trough, but their blood is still normal red.

-1st generation also possess a liquid located in their shoulderblade area's that wont leak out no matter what, this liquid can seep trough the skin and shape into bat wings.

-2e, 3e and 4e gen don't have any physical differences.

-5e gen has sparkly stone hard skin.

-6e gen has been modified to cover weakenesses, such as a full plate instead of ribs to protect the heart and a jaw that can break open in 3 pieces in order to gain a bigger bite while the skin stretches out to cover all the leaking out blood of its victim, maximizing feeding and light repelling plates on the skin, that wont make them imune to their solar weakness but gives them some time to move trough the sun for a minute or 2.

-7e gen has more bat like DNA, able to fold out their skin on the arms to shift it into bat wings, grow bat ears and having a special vocal gland for sonic abilities.

Livespan/ childbirth and aging:Edit

A Vaire generally age as humans, but they dont die of old age, they stop aging at a physical age of 80, but can stop (and eventually restart) aging at any time AFTER the age of 21, they cannot get younger off course, resulting that most choose an age and keep with it.

when they die they turn to dust.

The Vaire have 2 ways of making offspring:

-The traditional way, a Vaire can mate with any race and get a female pregnant, a non Vaire mother generally die while giving birth.

--1st, 2e, 3e and 7e gen can all get children trough intercourse.

--4e gen often possess an element which is normally genetic, if the mother has an none elements or a element that is weaker'/ unable to suppress the element of the child the mother generally dies as the element bursts out during child birth, only the 1st gen seems immune to this when giving birth to a 4e gen.

--5e gen females cannot get pregnant.

--6e gen cannot concieve children at all

when mating between generations the child normally turns out as a child of the highest generation parent (so a 1st gen female + a 4e gen male = a 4e gen child)

abilities outside generation traits still get passed on as normally.

-the second way is trough biting and contaminating the non-vaire with the vaire virus, turning them into a vaire as well.

--1st, 2e, 3e, 4e, 5e and 7e all have this ability.

--5e only have this type of gaining new members

--6e gen who bite a person will turn them into a 3e or 4e gen (depending on the one who bit the person) and then modify them into a 6e, they also modify other vamps that are either willing or captured, only able to gain new 6e gen due to the modification (which also turns the vaire into a soulless state (explained in culture))

There is a strange quirk to the bite turning, where in general those bitten by any generation below the 4th become a 4th, even if the one that bit was a 1st.

this is how different generations started while natural breeding in the same generation kept the generation living trough time.

when the second gen started all those bitten by a 1st gen turned into a second gen, while a natural born child between 1sts or 1st and non-Vaire was the same gen.

this continued during each development, a biten turned in the current highest rank regardless.

when the 5th started, all those bitten by a 4th turned into a 5th, yet when the 7th started this stopped, all those bitten by a 4th becomes a 7th, all those bitten by those belowe a 4th become a 4th and all those biten by a 5th becomes a 5th.


The Vaire fall under a sub -race, meaning the generally have the same culture as the ones that the individual used to belong to.

however there are a few sub-cultures as well, generally based on specific groups.

A general rule is that they need to stay in the shadows, not meaning out of the sun light for logical reasons but more that they should not be found out by others, this generally can indanger their groups and on a larger note the entire race.

There are 2 types:

-Souled Vaire: these are like any normal (human minded) individuals, they can be good or bad based on the individual, they have a conscience and can be smart and thoughtfull as show restraint.

-Soulless Vaire: These are what you can call the evil ones, they dont have any consciounce and act on instinct, hunger, they eat, not caring for anything, irritate them they attack with attempt to kill, they are like animals in that aspect but they can think like any human being making them more dangerous.

In general all Vaire are souled, they can lose their soul trough trough multiple ways.

There are often cases where a Vaire gets born (or turned) and get into a soulless state, normally this is based on the parent.

Also in rare cases a Vaire can be born with a soul BUT in a sleeping state, meaning its there but they act and live as a soulless until the soul becomes active.

Finally but surely not the least, they possess a hierarchy:

-goul: the lowest rank, often given to those just turned

-Night: the basic rank, gouls can gain this rank depending on different things, also this is the rank given to those born (unless they are born in a certain line)

-aristo: a noble rank, possessing 3 sub classes, named (lowest till top) 3e, 2e, 1st.

in rare cases if a night lives long enough, they can be promoted to a 3e, each Aristo can also grow in rank depending on multiple reasons.

-Knight: a special rank often given to those of high caliber or a high ranking bloodline, Aristo's that are born as rank 1 can reach this if they live long enough, also poweful individual that get assigned to higher ranking ones can gain this rank as well

-Lord: The highest (base) rank, either a Knight needs to have done certain acts while living as a Knight for thousands of years or you need to be born under a lord rank.

-Pure blood: the highest rank that can only be born into and often the ones that assign Knights or control groups or the general rules (if needed)

-First blood: a unique sub rank that can only be born into, these are decendents of the First Vaire.

-King/ Queen: A unique rank that normally is unfilled, the only 2 known of this rank were the First and his final decendent, Princess Seras.


Vaire started as a human, but not any human.

The First Vaire was born from the Immortal man , a person who was infected by a space plague, yet for some reason he was able to survive it and instead of getting sick he stopped aging and was unable to get sick or poisoned.

This man had 2 son's, one was bitten by a bat, becoming the first Vaire, the other was bitten by a wolf becoming the first Wherolf.

The first Vaire was a great leader and bit only those that wanted to or had to choose, die from what ever they were dying off at the moment he found them or become a Vaire.

It were not many he turned himself, but the ones he turned fixed the rest up.

He himself eventually got 2 son's himself, one got his soul but his blood was sleeping, being born a human from 2 Vaire parents, eventually there blood would wake up or they could be forced to wake up trough a special ritual being bitten in both arms at the same time (otherwise being immune to the venom)

The other got the First's powers but also was the first to be soulless.

the souled line kept on having children on a human basis, having multiple generations by the time the second gen started, all were boys.

the soulless son kept single during this time

Eventually the first himself died, this resulted in a break of the Vaire's balanse, giving birth to the second generation.

This generation lasted quite long and was seen often by the humans, often during other strange events acting out on taking down the evil that could threathen the planet, but as they were soon so often and with it openly showed their existence, it gave rise to the Vaire Hunters.

During this time, there were other threats to the planet, such as world wars, over population of a native animal (looking like gremins) and magiwave chaos (giving live to gnome statues) where they acted to take down the dangers.

During this the soulless son got 1 son.

The souled son kept on as before, still only son's

Due to the rise ot the Vaire hunters a new growth was needed, giving birth to the shortest age and possibily the weakest generation, the 3e gen, who can be seen as the basic vampire such as dracula in bram stokes.

As the 3e gen had more weaknessess (in exchange to gain a much higher birth and turn rate) it ended up with a quick change again to what is likely the longest running line.

During this time the soulless grandson got his own child, a foul and dark beyond comparison person, Dalucar .

the soulled line still go's on on their own way.

this is the generation where most of the soulless were born.

The 4e gen, This gen is still fully active.

This however was one if the most eventful times in the Vaire history.

Dalucar had gotten powerful and in control of a large army, he had planned to take control of the world, kill all humans and keep some for food only.

A clan had been build by the decendent of the other line in order to stop this event and large war raged between the 2 sides.

Dalucar had found a rare 1st generation wife, Arastia,(who was turned by the First himself) and due to her direct connection to the line give birth to the first girl, Selene, in the bloodlines.

Selene was born with a sleeping soul (as her Mother Arastia was hiding her soul as Dalucar would kill her otherwise) but eventually her soul awoke due to the leader of the good side Drasuul.

The 2 fall in love and had a girl, Seras , who combined both sides of the bloodline, becoming a 1ste and 4e hybrid and possess new powers beond anything ever seen.

she found her love as a human of a certain clan and turned him, Blade, into a Vaire, due to her unique powers he turned into a 2e and 4e hybrid for some reason..

She however was kept inside of the clan house when the final fight started, trough she ended up ignoring her order and getting out and into the field.

during this time her parents were killed by Dalucar and Blade sacrificed himself in an attempt to kill the monster of a Vaire.

She felt this happen and had a over emotional blast destroying both sides (aside a few that could escape quickly)

after this she went into milions of years sleep...

In this time a counsil was set up, as there were no First blood line decendents anymore.

as the bloodline had ended a new generation started, the 5e gen.

Then the Earthlings entered the Andremea galaxy and the Vaire had gotten the DVD's of the Blade movies, inspiring the the soulless to genetically modify themself into the 6e gen.

Also the 6e gen is full of soulless and nearly all soulless are 6e gen.

also they have attempted to rivive Dalucar and by using the blood of the princess.

Eventually the Princess (Seras) woke up once more and due to this, restarting the bloodline the 7e generation was born.


Vaire speak the dame langauge as the one they used before getting turned or what they learn from the parents and environment as with us. they also all speak English by nature


The Vaire have no personal tech as a sub-race, so they only use tech of humans and other races, just as with the culture.


In general a Vaire is faster, stronger and more agile then humans, trough its not super strength as some stories tell, there base stat is more similar to pro atlethes, so those that train or are naturally blessed are double of that.

They can see i the dark, have better senses, drink blood or eat plant based foods, when drinking blood they increase their healing abilities and recover faster from light and garlic poisoning, even poisoning from holy type magic.

they dont age and need to be killed in a specivic way or they only end up heavenly wounded, their blood seems to have some drug like effect on a non-Vaire, until its out of the system they act like gouls and listen to the Vaire who's blood it is.

they also possess some general weaknessess: garlic makes them weak and sick, sunlight will burn their skin and eventually turn their body to ash in a matter of 10 seconds, impailing their heart kills them, impaling their brain also kills them, holy stuff is poisoness to a deadly level, same go's for Wherolf fangs, and burned to ashes.

from here on the direct abilities depend on the generation:

-1st gen, those turned directly by the first possess an element to high levels, such as fire types abe to create and control magma, they can grow wings from their back and walk on walls and ceilings, they possess no aditional weaknessess.

-2e gen, they can glide trough the air when asuming a cross position, and see who is a Vaire and the fitting generation, who is a Wherolf, who is human by a color they see in the jaws (which is actually the race unique poison to turn others, it is guessed that they might see other natural poisons that are inside creatures, they can stick to walls, they dont have any other weaknessess.

-3e gen can turn to bats but that is all they got, yet they do possess other weaknessess such as not being able to cross running water unless in a coffin.

-4th gen possess only the normal weaknessess but possess a lot of powers, able to be born with elements, use magic of any kind, telepathic powers, telekinetic powers and many more

-5th gen do possess super strength and speed, can walk in sunlight (but sparkle so you still see what they are) dont sleep, can be killed by breaking their body to pieces, they possess only powers that come from the mind.

-6e gen do not have any special powers but gained imunity to garlic, able to stay in the sunlight for a little time, there heart cant be impailed trough the ribs, their skulls are thicker giving them resitence to impailing the brains, also they have a better blood absorbtion.

-7th gen can change any part of their body into bat parts and gain bat based abilities such as sonic waves (able to deafen, confuse, or deal damage trough sound vibrations, hypnotic sound waves) hear as bats hear (and see trough it, giving the power to scan the area), fly by turning the arms ti wings, claws on the feat, crawl on walls, however they are the newest and real recent, so there might be more that is unknown.


Magiwaves and magic are not much of an active roll for the Vaire as most dont have the ability to learn magic.

1st gen's only magic users were those that were turned after having learned magic and been powerful at it enough that it breaks the natural order of no magic Vaire.

2e, 3e, 5th and 6th gen had no magic users

4e gen are the only known users of magic, able to use and learn it like all other races

7th seems to have no magic users but its unknown if this is normal as with most or if it has a rule like with the 1st or even are able to use it generally but non have tried yet.

There is an exeption, it seems the decendents of the First all are able to use magic.


99% of the Vaire population can be found on a single planet in sector 53, a planet originally belonged to humans of the Andremea, it is now one of the biggest populations behind the humans of the planet: Sutral .

Religion and Military:Edit

They have no religion and no real fixed military, but if war would break out they build groups and army's and work together, making them a real powerful race in such a case.

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