United independent species. (UIS)Edit

The UIS , or how its more commonly known to the outsiders the "Independent fleet" is a surprisingly tight alliance between numerous minor species and members of major species that disagree with their nation's policies.


The UIS doesn't exactly "command" any space. However they are commonly present in three sectors of the Galaxy , and uncommonly in the neighboring sectors. These sectors are 25,36,47. Even though they don't possess a single planet in these sectors (Even their mining installations mine from the orbit). They do tend to enforce their laws there.

UIS will also enforce laws within 1ly of any fleet cluster, regardless of the position of the cluster.


The UIS does not originate in the Andreema galaxy, and its exact origins are unknown. The origin galaxy of the UIS is believed to be Hoag's object , but it is unknown how many galaxy transfers were made since then , with estimates being from 30-40. There is even belief that this is not the actual UIS , but its scounting party.


The UIS uses an extremely free democratic system , every ship in the fleet gets one vote. However for a ship to classify as a "ship" it must have at least 100 residents.

Besides the ships of the fleet , acting as its voting body , the fleet also has ministers and the main council , they are the ones that manage the fleet's resources and bring laws to be voted , the fleet has following ministries

  • Ministry of the Fleet

This ministry deals exclusively in domestic questions , and as such has the highest number of employees. Their duties are mostly: Education , Managing police , Traffic (As in internal ship traffic). The ministry of the fleet also ommands a number of frigates, acting as the fleet police force.

  • Ministry of Industry

The ministry of Industry deals in managing all the production of the fleet. Their job is to direct the production of each ship , and that is a colossal task. Most ships in the UIS possess some degree of industry onboard, however most of the industry is situated on motherships and converted industrial ships.

  • Ministry of Mining operations (separate from industry)

The UIS has no permanent planet settlements , as such getting resources takes a bit more work then it would in an ordinary country. The ministry of mining directs planet based and asteroid based mining operations all the way through current UIS controlled territory. This is one of the main reasons the UIS often gets forbidden from accessing certain areas.

  • Ministry of Research

The ministry of Research directs the design of new ships and technologies.

  • Ministry of Foreign operations.

The ministry of foreign operations deals with several things , they are mostly; Contacts with hostile and non hostile species , processing applications to join the fleet (Though the fleet must accept their application , the ministry decides if they are even worth of joining). And deciding the next sector for the fleet to move.

The criteria for joining are many, but mostly biological and sociological, races that cannot tolerate infinite space travel are undesireable, along with races that have a strong racial mentality, this is because the UIS promotes racial equality. Races with specific biosystems are welcome because there is odds the fleet already possesses a race with similar biology.

  • Ministry of Defense

The ministry of defense controls the fleet's warships. It mostly consists of generals. Every decision made by this ministry can be denied by the council.

The Council.Edit

The Council is the centerpiece of UIS politics , all laws have to be accepted by the council. Ministries suggest laws and the Council accepts them. If the law has a major impact on the fleet , then it forwards it to the fleet for voting. The Council can also overrule any military decision. There is no head of the Council or the fleet.

The Council members are elected publically , every ship can nominate a number of councilmen dependant on their population , the general formula is : ShipPop/1000 (With 1 the minimum).

This is an overview of the external politics of the United Independent Species. These are generally applied but exceptions do appear.

External politicsEdit

1. Non Hostile SpeciesEdit

The UIS doesn't usually wage war with non hostile species, however exceptions to this rules have been made in the past when the UIS needed resources. This means that the UIS will attack anyone regardless of their stance if the fleet is in need of resources, this will happen if the fleet comes down to a year of resource stock.

Open species.Edit

UIS will even try to recruit species that are pretty outgoing , even though entire species rarely ever abandon their planets , some individuals almost always join the UIS.

UIS is also open towards trade with any non hostile species , and it will try to sell as much of its goods (Weapons , WMD's , Ships , Reactor systems) to them.

Closed species.Edit

If the species is closed in nature , and they don't allow UIS ships access the UIS will allow their smugglers and propaganda ships to make occasional jumps into the closed space . Even though they do support these jumps , externally they will apply a "clean hands" policy , stating that these ships jump on their own volition.

With time they will start accepting members of such species into the UIS , with hope that they would be disatisfied with their government's policy and join the UIS.

If everything fails and the UIS needs resources , closed species are a prime target for a military action. As they usually have few allies.

2. Hostile species.Edit

If a species is hostile towards the UIS , they will most often retaliate with force , but this depends mostly on what reason the species has for being hostile.

If the species is hostile towards the UIS because of actions an UIS ship has caused in their space (Often a result of operation within the space of Closed species) the UIS will try to negotiate with the species , and so long as the demands are reasonable , result the conflict peacefully.

If the species have an ideological reason for attacking the UIS , such as opposing their use of WMD's , free research or other politics , the UIS will still first try negotiations , but in case the species insist on demanding the prohibition of these. The UIS will answer with force.

If the species doesn't even state a reason (Which is in those cases usually pure conquest) the UIS answers with equal force.

3. Embargo or trade restrictions.Edit

The UIS has been faced with embargo many times so far , and as such they are the masters of smuggling. They will often mask transport ships as civilian liners , or diplomatic vessels , use their powerful engines to outrun pursuers , or even venture through dangerous nebulae to reach their consumers , the UIS traders are ruthless and tough , their ships are more akin to battleships then trader vessels.


The UIS is a very liberal society. There is no bans on research whatsoever , that includes ethically questionable research such as cloning , weapons of mass destruction , and genetical engineering. Censorship is very scarce , and the council and ministries take criticism into consideration.

Most punishments are communal labor on mining ships , However harder crimes are punished either by long prison sentences , or in the worst cases: exile, being abandoned on a planet or death.

Racism and Specisim is strictly punished in the UIS , this is mostly to prevent unnecessary tensions between races. However if races simply cannot tolerate each other, their ships will be moved and kept in different fleets.


UIS's industry is based on large spacecraft. Even though minor ships also tend to have some industrial capacity. New ships are constructed in the centerpieces of the UIS ; Motherships. Motherships are colossal vessels that are the only ships capable of supporting shipyards. New Motherships are built in giant temporary scaffholdings.

UIS has a very small import value , that is because most factions don't want to trade with a faction which lacks permanent trade routes ,stations and planets. On the other hand UIS exports a fairly large amount of goods, however mostly illegally. Their main export goods are weapons ,ammunition , WMD's and ships.

The UIS's largest problem is mining. Since they don't settle planets permanently , they constructed large ships for orbital and space based mining. Certain parts of the fleet are also quite adept in raiding , but the new assembly of the council propagates a non aggression policy.

The UIS uses no currency for internal affairs , instead Resource units are awarded to each ship , and then within the ship to each person. Resource units are awarded monthly and cannot be acumulated. Do mind RU's aren't used for food or any necessity ,as these are free , RU's are soley for entertainment and luxury. RU's are awarded to ships regarding of their Industrial production and special merits , and to people based on their job.

Do mind that the ministry of industry strictly monitors RU distribution , bribery or any abuse of the RU system is strictly punished , with the worst punishments being death or abandonment on a planet.

Research and technology.Edit

The UIS is quite technologically adept in several fields , that is because whenever a species joins the fleet , they also contribute with their scientifical advancements.

However , there is several fields in which the UIS is the weakest , and a few in which they are the strongest. Their weak sides are: Planetary engineering , Enviromental science and AI constructs , their most advancent AI's have no intelligence , and are used for maintaining the ship's reactors and internal systems.

Their strong sides , are however far more numerous; Deep space habitation , Deep space engineering , Deep Space ship construction , FTL drives , non-AI computer support , Reactor systems , WMD's and ballistic weapons.

The UIS WMD's are very numerous , they produce a wide range of such weapons . Mostly aimed at wide range of effect rather then a long lasting effect. Some of these weapons are:

Class 12 Plasma cannon array - A crude yet efficent weapon which generates giant bolts of superheated plasma encased in a magnetic field. The weapon creates a giant heat wave upon impact, burning down cities , forests and everything not made out of a higly temperature resistant material. This weapon travels very slowly and is unappliable to ship-to-ship combat.

Type 02 Hydrogen warhead - The name of this weapon suggests its age , this is one of the first weapons used by the UIS for planetary bombardment. The simple yet efficient 150 megaton warhead is more then capable of leveling most cities. Unlike the Class 12 the warhead can be mounted on ship-to-ship missiles as well , although it is vulnerable to countermeasures.

Long range energy projector - Eclipse - The only WMD the UIS will not sell to others , this monster of a weapon uses a constant stream of plasma to deliver hell to anything it is aimed at, so far its efficency is 100% at planetary bombardment. Despite its power the energy costs are immense , and only specalized ships and fleet carriers are equipped with such weapons , because of their fixed mount they aren't generally used in ship-to-ship combat , though captains of "Eclipse" and "Dark sky" classes have occasionally used them as such.

Ship designs.Edit

The UIS has very very many ship types ,  mostly because new members are allowed to keep their ships. however new ships later issued to them are standard UIS ships. This is a list of the most important classes.

Standard ships are the usual ships , balance between power and speed , standard functions expected from the class.

Light ships are always faster then Standard ships , however they can sacrifice either weapons or armor for this.

Heavy ships are either better armed or armored then standard ships , sacrificing their size (being bigger) or speed.

Special ships usually sacrifice whatever advantages their class has for special armaments or abilities.

Ship type
  • Liberty class frigates
  • "FF02" Frigate design
  • Liberty-X Armored frigates.
  • Liberty-M Minesweeper Frigates
  • Liberty-X2 Missile Frigates
  • Unity class Destroyers
  • Pallada class Escort Destroyers
  • Orbit class destroyers
  • Twilight class orbital Plasma artillery.
  • Scorcher class raider.
  • Envoy class armored diplomatic destroyer.
  • Blockade class armored cruisers.
  • Independence class Battleships
  • Type 06 Battlecruisers
  • Wolfram class blockade Battleships.
  • Eclipse class planetary bombardement platforms.
  • Ion class long range exploration ships.
  • Ise class battlecarriers
  • Freedom class orbital mining ships
  • Phantasmagoria class carriers
  • Lithium class escort carriers
  • "Dark sky" fleet carriers.
  • Deuterium heavy carriers.
  • "Endless" class motherships
  • Mule class fleet rearm and repair ships.
  • IN-02 Converted industrial ships.


As said , the UIS has no main species. They are composed of whatever species join their fleets. Some of these species are of exogalactic orign as the UIS does not originate in the Andreema galaxy. One of the recent arrivals are Humans. Mostly idealists who saw the UIS's liberal society without research bans or money as the ideal society.

Fleet constitution.Edit

The UIS has the largest fleet in the galaxy , however most of these ships aren't military but consist of fleet cores. These cores are assemblies of 5000 to 15,000 ships. They could be called the cities of the UIS , the largest ones are assembled around the Motherships , while the smaller are centered around either orbital mining ships or Converted industrial ships. These fleets have a very dense traffic of shuttles and "bee" class ships , moving cargo and passengers between ships. Some ships even use their airlocks to create networks , creating a giant moving space station , these are usually for trade.

However , no matter how compact these fleets are , in a matter of 15 minutes they can be broken down and every ship can escape its own way , leaving the attackers chasing thousands of scattered ships.

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