all 5 worlds that can be found in the solar system Underheav share the same animals and plants.

These animals in general can all be found on Gigori but some unique ones are said to exist, trough never documented officially.

nearly all animals have an appearence based on mythical creatures such a grifions and slimes, for this reason they will not all be listed on this page.

however there are a few that might need to be highlighted or belong to these unique groups (for when they are documented)

Slimes exist in different colors and each color has a different trait:

(nearly all are carnivoric and eat flesh by melting it into themself, making them seem as living gastic acid.

-green are basic slims but can hold other creatures better then the others

-red possess an stronger acid and induce burn wounds

-pink devoure clothes instead of meat.

-purple devour clothes and meat

-blue tend to crawl inside its targets to any opening and devour from the inside out (giving a strange instant 9 month pregnant shape that from there on seem to go back to 0 months)

-yellow has a small electrical discharge paralyzing its targets

-orange can fuse itself with its siblings and shatter, able to grow into a huge slime


All the plants that can be found on the worlds seem to have entered reality right out of a fantashy world, such as walking tree's, walking venus fly traps, monsterous huge flowers that move when someone steps on them, moveing constriction vines and many more.

25% of all the plants in the Underheave Solar system are dangerous (trough only a small 3% of these are actually poisoness)

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