Type 05 , commonly refered to as the "Penta" by its crew, is the main cruiser of the UIS .


Unlike its smaller relative , the Liberte , the Type 05 doesn't sacrifice any of its preformances , and serves the fleet as a pure cruiser.

Size: 300 meters long , 60 meters wide , 40 meters tall.

Incapable of entering atmosphere.



30x "Penlight" class point lasers.

52x "Cleaner" dual railgun countermeasures.

Ship-to-ship weapons:

3x "Miasma" short range plasma cannons.

8x Type-02 Long range anti-capital missile pods. "Pepperpot"

4x "M-A-C" Magnetically accelerated cannons.

The pepperpots are supplied with 120 ordinary directed plasma torpedoes , and 20 Type 02's.


Reactor: UIS cruiser reactor (information undisclosed)

Shielding: "Type 03 Phantasm Variant A"

"Onyx-2" FTL slipspace drive.

Engines: 4x Repulsion engines.


One hangar bay , three slots , two shuttles complement.

Crew: 90 optimal , 40 skeleton , 110 maximum.


The main cruiser of the UIS is most commonly used as a support ship for UIS battleships , it has the capacity to attack larger ships , however as every cruiser it cannot take as much punishment as a battleship , this is why they are usually grouped together with battleships for protection.

the Type 05 is not avabile for civilian use , and even if it were , its small internal compartments and lack of atmospheric capacity would not make it the favorite yacht.

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