The Evolf (pronounced as E-vol-ved) are a race with shared origin but each member had evloved completely seperate and on different planets for some reason.

There are 9 breeds, but all planets still possess the un evolved stages as well:

Fare, Wing, Waqua, Tirra, Bight, Ark, Tocic, Sweel, Crem.

All Evolf are able to enter the space age and have set up an alliance between each other after learning about each others existence.


All Evolf have the same base, from out of the shared ancester they have an orb based body with facial features and legs.

During the evolution stages they went trough, all have grown arms and during the final stages to sentient live did their bodys shifted from the orb shape so that they could walk upright, making them a non humanoid race.

From there on each breed is different:

-Fare (pronounced as Faire) are red colored with flame like marks and burns on their bodys, they are carnivorous and have muscular and rough looking build covered with decorative spikes on various parts of their bodys. For some reason they still wear their tribal cloths.

-Wing (pronounced as Win) are violet colored and have wings growing from their back, featers on their arms and back (no bird tail trough), bird like claws as hands and feet and even a beak, they are herbivorious and seem like a strange mix between a ball, human and bird. They dress light in simple pieces of cloth so it wont effect their flight.

-Waqua (pronounced as Wa-ku-a) are blue colored with a rough looking but surpricenly smooth skin, they have the least aditional things grown on their bodys from all the Evolf aside flippers on their hands and feet. they dont seem to weak clothing but also they dont show their genders, their molecular structure is also more similar to water, Waqua are omnivore.

-Tirra (both pronounced as Ti-era or Tir-ra) are brown colored with rocks growing out of their skin at varies places, they are hard skinned and rough looking but more peaceful compared to the Fare, having huge hands and feet. they are omnivorious and dress lightly in leather like armors plating.

-Bight (pronounced as Blite) are white colored with gray spots on their body, they are the most upright from all the Evolf and seem to have the most human like features in their face, arms and legs, they possess strange orbs on varies spots of their bodys that seem to give of a feint light in the dark. They dress in cleric like clothes and other religious styles, the hat the pope has on earth is a normal piece of clothing to them, interesting is that they are often seen with openings in their clothes based on where the orbs are so that they are never covered by the cloths, they are herbivours.

-Ark (pronounced as Ark) are black colored and are rather mean looking, having claws, sinister looking marks on their bodys and other things that grow from their body, they are carnivores and dress in black clothes of varies styles.

-Tocic (pronounced as (pronounced as To-kick) are dark purple colored with multiple sacks on theit bodys, these sacks have an opening that the Tocic can open and close at will, they have multiple propusions sticking out of their bodys all with openings and an exo-skeleton covered arms and legs, they are omnivores and dress in varies styles but always in a way that they keep the openings on their bodys open.

-Sweel (pronounced as Sweel) are gray colored with a metalic like skin, they have multiple metal like objects growing from their body, such as blades, spikes and even hammers, they even have a metal wire connecting their shoulders to ech other, this wire seems to serve as an electric conduit much like a lightningrod is made to draw lightning to it and into the ground, they are herbivores and seem to dress like knights.

-Crem (pronounced as Krem) are yellow colored with a sprakly skin (much like the vampires from twillight), they have multiple gems growing from their bodys but beyond that seem rather simple, they are the race lowest to the ground, being unable to stand up straight due to the gems growing from their body being to heavy. they dont dress at all, trough nothing can be seen anyway.

Livespan/ childbirt and aging:Edit

They all age the same, taking up 200 years, reaching adulthood in a week time.

They dont seem to mate, instead they impregnate the females by skin contact, it seems they possess an unique type of hormone that when they get in the mood triggers a skin based impregnation, it has been thought that they might be able to do this with other races as well, but they tend to keep to their own race at all times.

Right after a female gets impreganted see lays an egg from with the child comes out after about 1 week.

Once they reach the end of their live they just start to disolve, leainv nothing behind, only when they are killed would they leave a corpse that would rot away naturally.


Each breed has their own culture:

-Fara are strong believers that strength is truth, often if they have a disagreement they fight to see who is wrong and who is right, they even act this way to other races as they believe that the strength rule is true for all races, making everyone equal as long as they can fight, it is surpricing to see that this system is even used in their goverment actions and that they still progressed this far, being one of the first of the Evolf to reach spacetravel.

Their civilisation level is high advanched steem tech.

-Wing are quite adaptable and accept other view points quickly, this resulted that they dont have a fixed culture but a mixture between Evolf cutures, it all depending on the individual, the one thing that is true to them only is that they always live high in tree's and other high places.

Their civilisation level is interestingly enough similar to tribal times, not so much the rituals but their tech level, the only acception is the capital that is a flooring island where they have an high advanged level of tech and civilisation, it is on this city that they build their space ships, but this city can only be visited by those accepted my 5 elders, making the other Evolf the only ones able to enter the capital at this point.

-Waqua are calm and collect, they tend to be more looking from the sidelines and hardly interact with other races aside the Evolf.

They live under water normally, having made citys deep in the planets lakes, but they have a super large city flooting on the ocean for other races such as the other Evolf to gather and discus things, its also on this city that they build their space tech.

Their capital however is the only city they have that is build on the ocean floor, and is directly under the city tha floots.

-Tirra are calm and sheltered, they tend to keep working on defenses and think its worthless to attack, seeing a good defense as the best offence and making attacking unneeded, but when agitated they can forget this and attack on full force, trough they are sheltered they do greet others and new races with open arms, curious to what they want and how their defenses work.

they have both citys on land and citys underland, such as the capital, however the citys on land are the only ones open for all other races, the underground citys are closed off for all others due to defense reasons.

-Bight are religious and zelous, having their idea's and forcing them on others, even hating those that refuse their ideals, only the other Evolf are spared from this treatment as they are all born from the same god, making them an exeption to the rule.

they are rules by a king.

-Ark's reached the space age the fastes of all Evolf because their most brillient and manipulative mind stole all the tech and findings of other scientists and combined them.

This is the truth for the Ark's, as long as you dont kill or attack someone, you are free and actually encouraged to reach the top by stepping on others.

All Ark's are smart and manipulative but they do have a rule: they are only free to act like this to Ark's.

Any other race needs to be ecnoledge by the Ark's before they Ark's are allowed to steal their findings and such, however Ark's see themself as the top of the top and have a little ego, resulting in that no-one has been good enough up till now.

-Tocic basically have the same culture as America.

-Sweel are more mideval in culture, expecially the knights of the mideval times system and culture are a big part of the Sweel.

They still implement this in their curent actions, being noble and protective off others.

-Crem are a more scientist culture, they do reasearch on other Elvolf and have found it that they were all planted on the planets by some unknown race (see also: Ainant )


Evolf share a similar history in general:

-creature stage (yes they have this recorded as an important step, partly also because the creatures they used to be are still found living on their respected planets)

-Tribal stage (trough each breed as their own steps in this age, such as the Fare, Tocic and Ark having been more into aggresive actions to other tribes, the Sweel, Crem having been more adaptable, attacking and befriending depending, while Bight, Waqua, Tirra and Wing were making allies with other tribes)

-Mideval stage (a age not all of the Evolf went trough, the Fare, Wing, Waqua, Tirra and Tocic skipped this age, the biggest records about this age are in the Sweel library's)

-Empire stage (basically the city age, this is where most of the Evolf start to differ:

--The Fare began this age right out of the tribal stage due to the discovery of steam power, building on this tech into a level where they actually have super computers powered by just steam, The Fare have their connection to fire to thank for the ability to create steam without using up natural resourches for fuel.

--The Wing entered this stage more thanks to the aid of the Ark when their planet was discovered, with some help of both the Ark and the Crem they made their flooting city, modernized their tribal tree homes and entered the empire stage and shortly after the space stage, making this one of the 3 shortest empire ages in Evolf history.

--The Waqua empire age began when they left the lands they lived on during the tribal stage and started to live back underwater, creating fast citys in the lakes on their world.

They were lucky as shortly after they started living under water, taking some animals into zoo´s that actually are underwater (having air tanks for the land dwelling animals) A metior crashed on the planet, making the surface unhabital for the next 50 years.

They released all the zoo animals to create new wild animals after the world became habital again.

The meteor crash site is still forbidden as it still contains high levels of deadly radiation, but this only covers the crash site lucky enough.

--The Tirra were able to skip the Medival stage due to the development of creating fast citys underground, they put so much effort into this that they created empiare stage citys right away, shortly after that did they start rebuilding their old tribal homes using the same new found technology into large citys

--The Bight entered the empiral stage just as we humans did so long ago, having no specific intel.

--The Ark were the fastest to reach the Empire stage after having a chaotic mideval age, but thet also had one of the shortest due to the most brilliant of all Ark's having stolen aal the research materials from the other and thus going beyond and speeding up all known processes of technological developments for these time's

--The Tocic just as the Bight had a normal development aside from skipping the medival stage for reasons unknown.

--The Sweel have the longest mideval stage and is considert not to have ended at all, only to have fused with the emperial age and shortly after the space age.

--The Crem have the shortest tribal stage and quickly shifted from the mideval stage where they were masters in economics into the empiral stage, trough this was on of the shortest emprerial stages because the their econoic growth and high class researchers and scientists, developing tech at a high level with no cash problems.)

-Space Stage (The current age where all 9 of the Evolf have gotten into space travel, made contact with each other and forming an alliance)


Most Evolf has their own langauge but they can all understand each other naturally, own languages include: such as the Fare speaking in more reptile like grunts and cry's, the Wing using bird sounds, Waqua, Tirra, Sweel and Bight speak in a more human langauge and can communicate with humans as well (trough having a hard to understand dialect that is different between each breed), Ark used to have their own langauge but having met other races they took importance into learning other langauges, luckely as some of the Evolf (as said before) speak a similar language they Ark's can still comunicate with them easily, Tocic use smells to communicate while Crem use light colors they make trough their crystals


Each Evolf has a connection to an element and utilize them naturally:

-Fare are fire users, able to create heat fields around their body to the point that the air starts to burn, they can only use this short range and use it to enhance their hand to hand combat, trough a few have learned how to create an ethernal flame without them having to be there in order to keep the steam tech going, these flames would only die out when the maker dies.

-Wing are air users, creating winds under and around them, mostly for their flying ability, trough the air can be used as air filter in toxic areas or even weak barriers (mostly they can only repel old class range weapons like arrows, trough other possible light weight projectile can still be reflected)

-Waqua are water users, able to shift their own body into water shapes, limiting their powers to their body size.

-Tirra are earth users, they can lift stone objects from the ground in any shape they want, trough the limit in range is around themself, making them use it for defense only, trough if a lot garther together they can make much bigger objects at a larger range, able to shield an entire city from one side, trough this is taxing for them to do.

-Bight are light users, able to make powerful flashes able to blind anything for a period of time, these days they can also use some Crem amplifyers to concentrate their light into a lazerbeam.

-Ark's manipulate darkness, able to become invisible in darkness and shift any shadows in a room at will, making them able to hide and confuse anyone with ease, it is said that a real powerful one might be able to even shift the darkness in someone's mind trough magiwaves, effectively torturing the person with his own fears, regrets and other inner demons

-Tocic have a natural resistence to any type of poison, even those they are not familare with yet, they can also create toxics in their own body and shoot this trough the holes on their bodys, they are likely the only range type element users in the Evolf family.

-Sweel are made from metal and can use their body's metalic build as powerful unbreakable weapons, they are imune to magnetic forces and can connect their body to any metalic object, trough they cant shift its shape, they can use it as part of their own body, but as it acts like a part of their own body it also feels pain like a part of their own body and these objects are not unbreakable, making it a double edge sword.

-Crem's are unbreakable physically, can shift their gems into colors to comunicate, break of peices at will (and use it as money) and manipulate the crystals on their body for counter attacking when someone gets to close (making spikes or shatter pieces as short range shotgun shards)


Normalyy they can not learn to control Magiwaves, trough some rare cases exist where one or 2 or each breed can.

However they are very limited on what they can do, often only use magiwaves to enhance their elemental powers to normally unreachable limits, such as the Ark's manipulating a persons inner darkness as a weapon.

Other (known) examples are: Waqua's able to control water they are in contact with when in a fully water shape, Tirra that can control gravity around them, making rocks floot and use them as flooting defense (or even possible long range attacks), Wing creating a dust tornado with a wing beat, Tocic that can shoot acid instead of poison, Sweel that control magnetism.

guessed possibilitys for the currently unknown races (but could potentially be failty as their are nothing more then guess work): Fare that can use lightning or magma instead of fire, Bight that can teleport or turn invisible, Crem's that can manipulate gem formations from under the ground or change rocks and other mineral housing stuff into crystals


The Evolf control the entire sector 6 at the current moment, in this sector however there are multiple sections, the center is where the Evolf live, having 9 planets and 9 moons (one moon for each planet)

Fare live on Mars

Wing live on Jupiter

Waqua live on mercury

Tirra live on Venus

Bight live on Pluto (a real planet this time)

Ark live on Uranius

Sweel live on Laluna

Tocic live on Sollaris

Crem live on Orion

(NOTE: Earthlings often wonder how they could think of names for their planets that are the same or similar to planets back in the milkyway, this however seems to be pure chance)

Religion and Military:Edit

The Evolf have divided each of these between races:

-Fare and Ark are focused on the offensive military

-Tirra is focused on the defensive military

-Crem and Ark are focused on research development

-Bight are focused on religion (trough they are the only one actually interested in it)

The Bight believe they are all made from the same god but never discuse the details of their believes to those that dont share their thoughts on it.

-Sweel and Wing are focused on exploring, trough Sweel also is acting as a space knight, taking up small jobs across the systems to aid others

-Sweel and Crem are also active in economic affairs, Sweel takes up jobs, Crem grows crystals to sell

-Waqua and tocic are non active with any military or religious activitys but if needed are called on to serve, making them more like civilians and soldiers when needed.

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