The Cat's Meinauw is a galaxy famous bar found in Sector 40 that attracts many unique visitors. One such group and namesake to the bar, the Meinauw, live here in numbers averaging between 30 to 100 at any given moment. The owner of the bar has a very fat Meinauw as a companion who only eats the most expensive of catnip and alcoholic milk. Although the other visitors may be of various alliances and backgrounds who would likely start a fight with each other if they could, the bar has a rule that nobody can fight on the premises or else all of the Meinauw will gang up on the perpetrators and teach them a lesson that they will never forget. This allows the bar to be a safe haven for negotiations between rival factions, among many other purposes, some of which is to simply have a drink from their wide and extremely high quality collection. There are some cheaper items to order but not many.

The bar is mostly legal, but for the rest they have vast wealth and influence so that no government would even risk using a 10 foot pole to touch the idea of bringing charges against them. Most of the time they enjoy it being around just as much as the next guy anyways so have no real motivations to try and bring it down. The illegal stuff is mostly in the form of exotic alcohol enhanced with certain substances or certain other pleasures that money can buy, but it's all relatively harmless, victimless crimes for those looking for a night of debauchery.

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