Names: The Cardinal Arms; Excalibur, Fomalhaut, Zwill, Gungnir

Age: 1500+ years (they stopped keeping count)

Gender: None, but they identify themselves as male

Race: Living Weapons

Homeworld: Cythy

Position: Security Personnel

Personality: For some strange reason all of them are insane in one way or another.

Excalibur; The de facto leader (because no one else cares enough). He sees himself as a tactical mastermind, when in truth any plan he comes up with is so completely crazy that no one sane would even be able to conceive such a plan (or plan against it)

Fomalhaut; The smartest member of the Cardinal Weapons (not like that's something to right home about). He's a snarky bastard with a hint of sadism in him (just enough to thoroughly enjoy what he was made for)

Zwill; The childlike member of the group. Zwill has a seemingly non-existent attention span and is extremely hyper at times. He also seems to have conversations with people and things that no one else can see. Is it because he's crazy...or something else?

...Nah, he's completely wacko jacko

Gungnir; Sees himself as the wise member of the group...this would be false. Many of his so called 'nuggets of wisdom' either make no sense, or just make things worse. He also has a tendency to get metaphors, history, and fiction mixed up


They all have equal control over the suit of armor that carries them around; Garland. They also posses self regeneration, something that Garland shares.

Excalibur; He's basically a lightsaber. This allows him to deflect energy attacks with his blade (ie magic and lasers).

Fomalhaut; Using both his soul, and a special core inside of him made out of a rare metal found only on Cythy, Fomalhaut has unlimited ammo. He fires explosive energy bolts.

Zwill; As light as air. When used, he is able to share this trait with his wielder (or Garland, as is often the case) by channeling his soul through them. This however requires firm contact.

Gungnir; Can expand up to 20 feet longer.


Biography: Forged a long time ago by creatures that called themselves gods (whether or not they really were/are is up for debate), The Cardinal Arms were meant to be the most powerful weapons ever created. They were imbued with artificially made souls to grant them even more power...this was clearly a mistake. Not long after being completed, The Cardinal Arms quickly proved themselves not well in the head, and soon annoyed the 'gods' so much that they got rid of them, along with a failed piece of armor (which Zwill named, Garland). The CA soon (5 days later) found out that they could control the suit of armor. Now with a method of transportation, they traveled around the world on many somewhat epic adventures, until one day they found a strange craft. After borrowing (stealing) it, they soon found that it could fly. They also soon found out that they had no idea how to control it, and ended up leaving Cythy. They drifted in their ship for an unknown amount of time, before they were picked up by a ship called the Exeralune

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