Terrathrium planet is in sector 62.

it is a rather large planet that supports a lot of animal live And the homeworld of the Mygrain.


Terrathrium is a planet with only one city that only gets bigger if the need calls for it, beyond that its purely nature, containing just as many ecosystems as found on earth.

Beyond the city there are small encampments across the planet of those banished from the city.

This planet is one of the largest of the medium class planets in the galaxy with 1 moon.

Planet contentEdit

The planet possess a lot of animals as that the planet is large and mostly still nature filled. These animals are all animals that can be found om earth. though there have been so called (and never proofed) sightings of creatures that are said to appear as mythical creatures. there have been found bones of mythical creatures so it is true that theu have existed on the planet.

A lot of plants but nothing special enough to comment on.

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