most of the plants and animals have very weak names as they were needed to rename things to fit the human tong.Edit


most of the animals recemble a lot of earth based animals but differe in 2 possible ways:

-some are made out of crystal and are almost inpossible to find

-some have crystallized features similair to the crystallized features of the Shiira.

it has been thought by some human scientists that they might have started as humans onces (even the shiira) but evolved by eating the crystal fruits and drinking the 'milk' of the 'milk' gems

but there are unique wild live:

-Cristalix: a very large creature with a body the shape of a almond but with a big spike out its back, a head resembling a dragon, short upper legs going slightly upwards and into the lower/ main legs that extend above its body with a large spike and follow's the same shape down as well in the spike shape, you could say the main legs look like a splinter of glass or wood and is strong enough to actually break the surface of a diamond like floor, the are very territorial so beware, they attack but stabbing intruders with the spike legs and feed raw crystals.


al of the plants are made out of crystals as well and can not been seen if you do not know what to look for (appearing as simple crystals and not as plants)

-Crystal tree's: these tree's bear fruits on the bark, different types of fruits can be found, they give 4 fruits a season, the inside of the fruit is soft and with uniqe and different tasts, but the skinn needs to be pealed by a Shiira before any other race can eat them.

-Cystal plants: low by the ground plants and easily cultavated, they give fruits and vegi's more often but with the same crystal skinn as the fruits

-milk gems: a rather unique crystal, also called soft gems, these gems can be squized to preduce a silver liquid with a milk like tast, after being milked it needs 3 days to fill up but these 'plants' (being the only water source on the planet) are in very high numbers

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