Telqan is a planet in the lower left corner of sector 3, but a bit deeper then the others in that corner, and homeworld of the Shiira .

the planet has 2 names, one name in the Shiira native way of communicating but as that can not be spoken by any other race so the came with Telqan for all other races.


Telqan is a first glance a barren planet made purely from crystal, but evolution has been kind and strange troughout the sector.

telqan is a crystal not just on its surface, but even the planet's core is pure crystal.

the planet has no water, but a specific type of gem seems to make a silver like liqiud that can be drunk by any race, and tast a bit like milk, this gem is soft and needs to be squized to get the liqiud out of it, ut is not counted as a plant and needs a day to refill.

the planet has have issues with earthquakes but aside trembling the only thing that has happened so far is a strange but beautiful sound, why this solid planet has these quacks is currently unknown but might have to do with the planet not having a molten core as most planets and this might cause some instability.

the planet has no moon orbiting it, but is orbiting around 4 moons that seem to have slammed in to each other and got lodged together

Planet contentEdit

The planet's towns are hard to find as they are made into area's that have the plants growing naturally in the area yet have rocks to carve the homes in.

due to the planets crystal based cructure you could say its barren, but when you learn to reconize the liquid gems and crystal plants you will notice that it has a large amount of nature on it as the Shiira has left thing in there natural stats aside building homes for themself.

the planet also seem to have crystal like tree's that produces fruits from the bark, each tree can give 4 fruits a season, aside the tree's there are other crystal plants that give more fruits and vegetable like products and have been cultivated, these fruits can be eaten by other races but the fruits will first have to be 'peeled' from the outer crystal skin.

the planet houses a large amount of animals, a lot resemble earth animals but made from crystal or have crystalized feature as the Shiira, but it also have some creatures unique to this planet such as Crystalix

for a list of animals see: creature page (Telqan animals) (will be posted later and this will become a link)

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