Every sci-fi story has a different level of technology in place. So what’s the level of technology in Andreemea? This page lists the maximum tech level available to the majority of the galaxy. The actual level will vary wildly depending on where you are. Some planets, even ones that are part of major factions such as the UNT, simply have to cope with sub-par technology, due to poverty, a lack of resources, or what have you. Not to mention the planets whose native populations have been left untouched by galactic society and are still stuck in medieval times.

But in general, no mainstream faction can surpass the level of technology listed here. However, ‘mainstream’ is keyword there. Certain factions have or used to have technology well surpassing what we have nowadays, but they are likely either small and secluded, or have long ago vanished from the galaxy, leaving only scattered remnants of their advanced tech. If you intend to create a race/faction/individual with access to tech more advanced than the norm, do put careful thought into the consequences that its existence would have on the galaxy. If said content is meant for canon-1, you may need to take special measures to prevent this invention from hugely altering the status quo.

This page is only meant to give a general impression, not an exhaustive list. Specific technologies have their own pages all across the site, and just because something isn’t mentioned here, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. This list will be expanded upon over time.

FTL TravelEdit

Interstellar travel in Andreemea is done mainly through cosmodrives. The maximum speed depends on both the power of a ship's cosmodrive and the quality (and availability) of cosmawave streams. When using the most powerful cosmodrive available under excellent conditions, a ship could theoretically travel from one end of the galaxy to the other in about two weeks. However, this never happens, because even if such ideal cosmawave conditions are encountered, it'll only be across a small part of the journey.

Realistically, it takes a proper military spaceship some two months to cross the whole galaxy. Civilian spaceships tend to have weaker cosmodrives, thus taking even more time. It's common for non-military vessels to take four months or more to travel that distance. That's also still ignoring the possibility of facing bays, storms or droughts, which can severely slow a ship's progress or even make areas completely inaccessible.


Communication on a planetary level is still much as it was on 21st century Earth, with phone calls and text messages as the most common ways of contacting people. However, because those devices have limited reach, Cosmotransmitters are used for interstellar communication.


Energy and laser weapons (not the same, mind you) are at large, but they haven't completely replaced kinetic weapons. See Weapon Types Guide for more info. (WIP)





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