Sylph is a planet in the inner most corner of sector 9, and homeworld of the Airios


The planet possess a lot of natural area's such as forests and jungles, all appearing similar to what you can find in our prestoric age.

half of the planet is made out of ocean water and the land possess few lakes, if you were to split the planet then the left part would be all water and the right part would be all land, but in the ocean there are a lot of large rock Plateau's, these large and high area's can also be found on the land and are the foundations for the planets inhabitants to build their citys on.

It possess 3 moons giving the planet a lot of night time and a lot of nocturnal animals.

Planet contantEdit

This planet possess a large amount of natural animals, all bird or reptilian, there are still living dinosaurs as well on this planet, most live in the ocean but there are a few land dwellers such as the stegosaurus.

all vegitation are jungle and forest  type plants.

All Airios citys can be found at on top of the large rock plateau's scattered across the planet.

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