The Sshirrrambarrra is a legend on the planet BlackLight, but though legends normally are not true, this one seems to be.

The legend starts with a bit of history: the S'shaurans of old times being able to create monsters of shadows, beast that were used in wars, to suppress common folk and other things, the beast when they capture a living creature literally eats the soul and leaves the body dead on the ground.

They were made in the S'shauran home dimension, but when the creators of these things started to die of old age or other causes, the beasts did not die with them as thought they would.

Without their creator the beasts started to roam free without someone controlling them, eating and killing everything they find, the beasts seem to hold immortality!

The king of that time tried his best to find a way to destroy the beasts and found one way: teleport all of them to the 'planet', as most would somehow disappear in the void, but to do this he needed to go with them, costing him his live without a doubt, so he crowned his son and did what he had to do.

The result was: his son learned to make himself immortal from the beasts and became a better king, but the problem was not solved:

The old king and the beasts seem to have fussed into one creature accoding to the legend, a creature more dangerous then the beasts ever were, able to do what each individual beast could, do what the king could, having the kings intellect yet still being a feral beasts, roaming the planet and destroying all it finds, still immortal.

this is called the Sshirrrambarrra, last time it was seen was 900 years ago, but it should still be out there.

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