Name: Sinidas Kalai
Age: 87
Gender: Male
Race: Aradite
Personality: Despite a noble upbringing Sinidas always manages to pull humor out of anything, and is widely regarded as a prankster. Sinidas rarely serious and always manages to have a jovial attitude. If you see him without a smile on his face something has gone terribly wrong. While people know him for being a prankster, Sinidas is a very competent leader and a fantastic Marine who as a string of successful operations under his belt.

Appearance: [IMG][/IMG][/URL]

Homeworld: Haloh
Allegiance: The Septonium Concordant

Occupation: Marine Officer ( Kaljai, 2nd LT )

Strengths: Calm, Friendly, Physically fit, Serious when he needs to be, Great team player, Excellent Gunfighter, Trained diplomat, pretty face ( never know when you need to talk your way out of a problem :) )

Weaknesses: He is a prankster when not getting shot at, that means while on patrol, or riding in a transport……..etc. Sinidas is a well rounded fighter but his performance drops when he leaves his specialization (ie. Extrem range marksmanship, extensive martial arts knowledge…)
Sinidas is used to working with Aradites and can sometimes move before explaining what he is doing.

SL VII powered armor (Navy Variant): [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL]
⁃    Comm integrated helmet with built in translation suite ( prototype)
⁃    New Thermal/Night vision visor overlay ( prototype)
⁃    Scaled Durasteel over vital areas ( Chest, Shoulder, Thigh and leg, midsection, forearms)
⁃    Hardpoints on armor capable of attaching weapons and gear directly to the armor.
⁃    Light shielding package
SL I Mk I ( obsolete ceremonial armor, worn under robes)
Worn for formal military meetings or functions, standard dress uniform fork officers. Medals and ribbons are affixed to the robes that are worn over the armor. This armor has no combat value and is only worn to look good.
Standard Issue Dress uniform:
⁃    Made from Kinasta fibers ( local plant used for making clothing)
⁃    Light
⁃    Breathable
⁃    comfortable

FS-01 carbine:
⁃    11in suppressor ready barrel
⁃    Forward rail mounted IR/VL aiming device(Infared/ visible light)
⁃    bulpup design
⁃    Fires a round equivalent to 7.62×39mm
⁃    Rails for mountain additional accessories
KP-50 machine pistol:
⁃    Semi auto, recoil operated
⁃    Fires a round equivalent to a 45 pistol round
⁃    built in laser aiming aid
⁃    Integrated iron sights

Blackhole class ship ( Diplomat Variant)
⁃    Weapons and cloaking systems have been torn out to make room for addition propulsion and luxury.
⁃    Four fusion cores make this ship extremely fast
⁃    Refitted interior for luxury ( Open bar, large berthing spaces, Large conference rooms, waiting service on hand)
⁃    Repainted from the original black to red and white.

Sinidas was the second of eight children in his family and is a member of House Kalai. His parents are both Marine veterans and senators giving their family status amongst Aradites. His house is also directly related to the Timonus family and the Chairman of the concordant. Sinidas or Das as he is called by his friends enjoyed a nice childhood in the cloud district of the core world Haloh. Like most noble children he was pushed into the military academy at an early age and was expected to excel and soar through the ranks. Despite the expectations people had of him, Sinidas was always getting into trouble for practical jokes and pranks, nearly getting expelled twice for his antics. Even though he was a trouble maker, he always managed to make decent grades on his exams and was a excellent recruit. He graduated and completed his training deployment before applying to University of Foreign galactic Policy and studies. Much to his surprise and to the surprise of his superiors, he was accepted and completed his education in diplomacy. While expected to take an easy deployment with a regular Marine battalion, Sinidas then applied for a spot in the difficult “Raider” training pipeline to join the ranks of the marines Raid and Recon platoons. He was accepted, again much to his surprise and earned his commission upon completion of training. Sinidas has led many successful raids and has one campaign under his belt.

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