Silver Ryu





Race: Edit







Silver is more then interested in ancient stuff, the older it is the more you can expect him to lose sight of everything around him and become obsessed with his find.

He tend to analise stuff past the sense of normal, thinking of multiple scenerio's and more.

He always talks to himself, especially when its about findings and things he is analizing, stopping in his tracks to think deeply about it.

He is also a modest person, not thinking or for that even believing that he is anything special no matter how many people think he is.

He can be rather shy but in general he tend to be acting more on impulse when speaking with people.

Appearance: Edit

coperish skin with a dark tin colored hair that hangs in front of his head, his hair os about 2.5 milimeter thick, his front teeth are flat

His tribal markings are circles around his body, in his case he has 1 cirlce on his wrists, 4 on his upper arms and upper legs, 3 on his lower legs, 1 circle on each side of his chest and on his shoulders, 5 cirles going around his torso on his stomach, 2 circles crossing each on his chest and his back as they go around his entire upper body.

Strangly enough he also possess a large pentagram on his back what is not fitting with his normal markings.

beyond that he is a normal pure blood Rifer

Abilities: Edit

Race based and natural born abilities:

Silver has the Silver type genetic magic of the Rifer, meaning he can pull out of his spine a silver colored metalic layer that increases his defense intensly.

He has mastered the layers secondary attributes as well, such as the dragon shape, increasing his pure strength, arming the skin with blades and wings to glide with from high air, yet lowering the defense on some pretty fital area's such as the stomach and the legs, also the wolf that increases speed and agility but has nearly no offencive power and blocks the use of any humanoid features such as hands.

also the crystal options of black onyx and a extra hard/ strong diamond casing to increase defense more but prevent moving and multiple visor options (like zoom function (prevents close range vision), night vision (cant see in light areas), heat vision (cant see past body shapes))

some believe him to be the chosen and that he should be able to learn the other genetic magic types.

Talents and training

archeologist knowledge, explorer, adventurer, high inteligence and analetic ability.

Magiwave the silver genetic trait can not learn any other type of magic.


basic archeologist and advanturer equipment

Biography: Edit

Silver has spend his live learning about ancient civilization, spending a lot of his time indoors, resulting that he never had much of an history.

But there is one little thing...

People around him were confused with his markings, they were clearly the marks of the Silver line, but he also possessed one of the 3 marking points of the chosen one, the pentagram on his back.

some poeple thought it to be a fluke, especially after he picked up the Silver trait in nearly record time.

but others thought that the silver marks were a fluke, that because the chosen was born 6 years to late that the chosen's reborn would fall right ontop of a normal Rifer, meaning he had both, the silver and the chosen markings and that he was so good at the silver because he was the chosen, basically granting him a double dose of silver trait abilities.

he however could never believe that he was special, that the mark was just a coincience and that he was fast in learning the silver because he had such high level of inteligence.

people still come to him, trying to convince him, but he just ignores it, saying that if he was the chosen, he would have known it, being reborn and all as that the chosen would never had such an interest in the old times as he always walked forward.

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