Name: Unpronounceable by anything other than another member of his race. Insists that the crew members call him "Shor'Gen" 

Age: 150 years old by his race, 74 human years old 

Gender: Male Race: Other races call his people Yug'Lonians Homeworld: Other races call his planet Yug'Lon 

Position: Lead Physician 


Like all other members of his race, Shor'Gen is inquisitive and highly intelligent by nature. His people are a race of scientists, doctors, surgeons, engineers, and inventors, constantly developing new and utterly alien technologies. 

Shor'Gen himself is a bit of an outcast from all of this. His race, usually insular and secretive, are almost exclusively found on their home planet, a single, near pitch-black, nigh-atmosphereless planet orbiting a dying star. He actively seeks to "fit in" with other races, often going so far as to cluelessly adopt the mannerisms of others for periods of time that can range from a few minutes to a couple hours before suddenly discarding them. The Yug'Lonians constantly adapt to the knowledge they receive, so Shor'Gen's personality is always in a slight state of flux. He's always more or less the same, but he's always got a new quirk that he picked up from somebody.

Shor'Gen takes his work extremely seriously, and carries with him a constant eagerness to perform his duties as a doctor. The first thing he always asks of anyone entering his quarters (which he keeps dim and cold) is if they're coming in for a check-up. Despite these traits, Shor'Gen can hold conversations pretty well, despite the fact that his voice sounds smooth and calm, completely uncharacteristic of the giant insect he appears to be.


The two large arms in the front are for self-defense and manipulating large objects, while the two sets below that are for the fine manipulation of tools, performing complex actions, and performing surgeries. The bottom three legs are set on specialized swiveling joints, which are detailed in Shor'Gen's abilities.


-Claws: Shor'Gen's primary manipulators (and the secondary ones) are much deadlier than they appear. The larger pair of pincers are capable of crushing bones and can be used to bludgeon, while the smaller ones can easily disembowel someone if given the chance. In fact, the secondary pair of manipulators can double as emergency surgical tools in the direst of situations

-Multiple Walks: Shor'Gen can walk on his bottom three limbs as if they were a sort of tripod, or he can crawl in a more insect-like fashion.

- Unique Senses: Shor'Gen possesses the five cardinal senses, mostly thanks to the tendrils that stretch out of his head. These tendrils are hypersensitive, and they vibrate at the cellular level to produce unique waves. These waves, when picked up by his tendrils when they bounce back, function as a sort of "super-sonar" that allows him to view the world as a single shade of black with contours and even fine textures distinguished by lines. He cannot see colors, but he can "see" sounds. It is for this reason that he asks for total silence (whenever it is possible) when he is working.

-Carapace: Being encased in a carapace, Shor'Gen is somewhat resistant to physical trauma, and his insectoid nature makes him resistant to injury.

- Acclimation: Unlike most other races, too much atmosphere is harmful to Shor'Gen. Around the ship and on certain planets, he wears a device on his head (Something that looks like a clear casing or helmet of some kind) that actually reduces the amount of atmosphere he takes in. Other than that, his species is a mostly anaerobic one, and they can survive on planets with little or no atmosphere with no problem.

-Flight: Shor'Gen does possess wings, which allow him to hover and dart around like a dragon fly (except nowhere near as fast). Why his race has these despite the nature of their planet is a total mystery that only the Yug'Lonians are privy to, and they're set on never telling anyone.


-Medical Tools: Standard issue medical tools. Everything needed to perform surgeries that don't require an operating room

-Un-Breathing Apparatus: Shor'Gen's atmosphere reducing equipment

-Yug'Lonian "things": Tools and objects brought from Yug'Lon that have seemingly miscellaneous and strange uses. Occasionally, patients in check-ups will be prodded with some of these to no real effect, or Shor'Gen will be sighted staring into devices that produce colorful lights. Crew members get used to it eventually.

-Yug'Lonian Fog Projector: A weird weapon brought from Yug'Lon, these weapons project roiling clouds of choking green mist that slowly disappear after a few seconds, sort of like a flamethrower but with gas. The gas has the unique effect of melting any exposed flesh it comes into contact with, but it requires a charging period before firing and the ammunition is exceedingly rare.


From birth, Shor'Gen has always been different from his usually secretive race. He was social, almost unusually so, and he displayed a great capacity for emphasis. After growing up on Yug'Lon, a single event changed his life. One day, a merchant's vessel came crashing down, and being one of the few Yug'Lonians nearby who decided to help, the experience changed him, and he decided to dedicate his life to helping others. After becoming a doctor on Yug'Lon, Shor'Gen still felt unfulfilled, so he decided to strike out on his own, and better integrate himself with the galaxy at large. After leaving, he applied to medical school inside the IGCP, and quickly became a qualified medical officer in the military. Despite his unnerving shape, his mostly stellar medical service records outshine any prejudices one might have against his form. Due to this exposure that almost no other Yug'Lonian ever receives, he's become more "one" with galactic society.

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