Shiira both (pronounced as Shie-rah or Shi-ira) was a rather unknown race until recently.

Their existence was found out by pure accident when an human ship went to explore and possible mine an planet that seems to be mostly made of crystal, on this planet they met the Shiira, a crystalized humanoid race.


These humanoid creatures seem to resemble humans a lot.


Their hair, eyes and a lot of their skin however is made purely out of crystal, most of them have crystal growing out of varies places on their body; some even have crystal’s that seem to resemble a tail, wings or back spikes.

They have no eyebrows or eyelashes, their ears are covered with small crystals and even their teeth seem to be made out of a white gem like matter, their faces seem to look delicate and are one of the few area’s with the least crystal skin, but seem to have more of an normal humankind skin, trough with the right light, it may sparkle a bit.

Their bodies seem slim yet nicely build, most male’s seem to have muscle like build yet remaining there slimness, where the female’s usually are well build, an hourglass shape with an rather large chest, where the smallest seem to be C cup (according to human standards) and the biggest more like H cup.

As far as the crystal skin seem to go, trough not every one of them has the exact same amount everywhere, there are for the males 2 places at least with the least, the face and the male’s private area, where the females are their faces, their chest and their private areas.

The crystals can be of any color from one to another, some have more colors, and in rare cases an persons color can even change if their crystal is of an type that you can see trough (like diamonds, topaz), but for this to happen there has to be some kind of trigger, what this is can vary.

An interesting note is that there bone’s seem to be pure diamond, or diamond like crystal.

Their crystals feel weightless in their own hands, but in other hands they feel just as heavy as an normal one.

Lifespan/ childbirth and aging:Edit

Shiira are born without any crystalized features aside from there crystalized skin, even their eyes are of flesh and portrait the color there crystals will be when they start growing, when they are around 5 the crystal’s will start to shape as their hair, their ears and their eyes will start to crystalize from the corners of their eyes and slowly will cover their eyes.

When about 7 other crystalized features will begin as for example crystals growing out of their shoulders, these crystals will be there natural form and will only reshape or be removed when broken by an outer force.

When they come to the age of 14 there body’s will begin their development for when they become adults and are able to bear children, mostly noted with females as they are now forced to cover their chest, as before this age none of the children wear any clothes on their top parts of their body’s, unless an special occasion.

When 18 there body is completely done with maturing and the children are now counted as adults, able to marry and conceive children their self.

When a female is pregnant, just like with humans there stomach expands, this happens a lot faster and the crystal that would be on her stomach flakes off, the stomach reaches full size in about 2 months, where the other 8 the child grows normally and the females body undergoes other changes for delivery and nurture of the child, the reason her stomach grows so fast has yet to be learned, but the Shiira believe it is so that the child can grow without stretching the stomach as it grows, giving better development.

After 10 months the child gets born, the mothers stomach deflates after about 12 hours while her breast, that by 8 months where already full of milk, become even more active as the newborn needs a lot of milk for its body to adjust to the fresh air and temperature difference.

Shiira after becoming 21 seem to slow down the aging process and look like a human of age 50 by the time they are 100, but when they are around the age of 150 they undergo an rapid aging process, simmering down their humanlike body, while their crystals remain the same, until there about waist high, skin over bones with wrinkles, their eyes become pure white and they seem more like an living crystal with an old man or woman’s head then human.

When they die their body starts to crumble into little pieces of crystalized dust.


Shiira is an race that values other things and others, they have found an way to space travel but decided to stay on their planet until the humans came, where their interest in other worlds was peaked, they are an simple race, each being as unique as humans can be, but respect each other where humans can fail to do so, they however do not let anyone speak ill of their elders and have been known to lock up or if a fight breaks out, kill one that has.

They can be kind if treated kind, as where the first humans that tried to make contact and gave the Shiira some human food, was giving a crystal bust the size of the persons face.

Trough not a race to start fighting over little things they do have their own martial arts and other training matters, and after humans found there planet, their elders feared that other more aggressive races might find them as well and build up an military defense department, trough up until now, there has never been an issue.


Shiira is able to learn human language but officially they did not have a language at all, they communicated trough different signals trough their crystals, this almost telepathic link can only be used with Shiira’s and has no name, there is no lying in it as they communication transvers each other’s feelings as well When other people listen real carefully in an very quiet place they can hear little sounds like glass of marbles ticking together and a very faint humming sound that sounds a bit like a bird song.


Shiira, as an race that is basically an living crystal, have the ability to create crystals where they are, this includes on their body’s, as wings that, by lifting the crystal in the wings, can actually fly, to an crystal spire in the area they are conscious of.

They can change these crystals shapes and types to fit there need (the way they can create statues)

They can also change the crystal in/ on their eyes for a variety of uses, such as vernaculars, heat vision and night vision

An side note: they have learned that humans (and most other races, as far as they know all) see financial uses in crystals and such and have vowed that they will not be accounted to disrupting balance of the universe with their crystals, as such they will never give an crystal without reason that has value, they will in sometimes trade, as that the crystals they use if fighting are worthless in money values.

The crystal powers stem from a chemical reaction they can create inside their bodies, this reaction once directed outside of their body creates the rapid growing crystals and could due to the air control the crystals in their area.


the Shiira homeworld resides in sector: 3 just a bit deeper then the corner area between sector 2 and 7. the planet's original name can only be used by the Shiira using the crystal communications and is not possible to put in word for other races, the Shiira has because of this giving the planet a 2e name for other races: Telqan. the planet is made out of crystal right to its core, it has no water but an liquid that can be extracted from an soft type of gem, this liquid looks like liquid silver and seems to taste a bit like milk, the gem once 'milked' will take about a day to refill. the planet also seem to have crystal like tree's that produces fruits from the bark, each tree can give 4 fruits a season, aside the tree's there are other crystal plants that give more fruits and vegetable like products and have been cultivated, these fruits can be eaten by other races as well as the silver 'milk' but the fruits will first have to be 'peeled' from the outer crystal skin, trough the Shiira can bite trough these skins. the planet houses a large amount of animals, a lot resemble earth animals but made from crystal or have crystalized feature as the Shiira, but it also have some creatures unique to this planet such as Crystalix, a very large creature with a body the shape of a almond but with a big spike out its back, a head resembling a dragon, short upper legs going slightly upwards and into the lower/ main legs that extend above its body with a large spike and follow's the same shape down as well in the spike shape, you could say the main legs look like a splinter of glass or wood and is strong enough to actually break the surface of a diamond like floor, the are very territorial so beware! the planet has have issues with earthquakes but aside trembling the only thing that has happened so far is a strange but beautiful sound, why this solid planet has these quacks is currently unknown but might have to do with the planet not having a molten core as most planets and this might cause some instability the planet has no moon orbiting it, but is orbiting around 4 moons that seem to have slammed in to each other and got lodged together

Religion and militaryEdit

Shiira do not seem to be a religious race and never actually talk about it to other races, but they do have an religion, and the reason they never talk to other races about it is because they only talk about it trough their own way of speaking, the crystal communication. because of this there is not much known about their religious views, but it is vital to talk about it only trough the crystal sounds, this is a part of their religious rituals. to basically sum it up, they do not believe in a god or goddess like the other religions, but the believe in something that they actually can touch, their planet. its is their believe that the planet is alive in its own way, and trough this way has given birth to all live on the planet, from the crystal animals and crystal plants. having seen other planets and how unique their planet is, this has only strengthen their believe that their planet is in fact a living being that can give birth where it should be impossible, of course they understand that this believe only imply for their race, but they have came with the believe that each and every race their believes is true for them, its all true. also, the earthquakes the planet has at times is thought to be the planets way of stretching and moving and sound that can be heard afterwards is the planet saying sorry as its knows that it carries lives and they might have some complications afterwards, but the Shiira always say its alright trough their communications afterwards as they all know that even a planet has to move at times. also after an earthquake, it is important to be quite and listen to the beautiful sound that can be heard afterwards, as a sign of respect. the reason they only talk about their believe is also due to the sounds that can be made, as the planet makes a sound to say sorry, they will only talk in that sound to make the planet know they will always believe in it.

the Shiira Military is mostly made just for the fact of protecting themselves and their planet from aliens with evil intentions. there military has taken a lot of knowledge about human weapons and vehicles with a twist of their own powers. trough it is a rather young military it has already reach the power and fame as any other, especially due to the fact that its hard to fight against [list of Shiira tech[tech]] that cant be used by any other race and so cant be understand how it works. they do have military ranks:

probe -soldier

corp -commanding corp

onyx -commanding onxy -supreme onxy

lieutenant -commanding lieutenant

diamond grade -diamond commander -diamond elite -Diamond master

major crystal -major onyx -major diamond -major commander

crystal -crystallix

commander -commander corps -commander onyx -commander diamond

master chief -master chief prime -master chief onyx -master chief diamond -master chief supreme

ship commander -ship admiral -ship brigadier -ship elite

elite -elite commander -elite supreme -elite royal

veteran master command -hero -elite hero -legend -Telqan avatar

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