This guide is to explain various things about the setting that people may be wondering about. If you have any questions about the setting, please feel free to post a comment on this page and it may be given an explanation. Some of it will venture into hand wave territory while others are well within the reasonable range. For the sake of creating a fun and interesting story, some liberty will be taken from time to time on what could actually happen, but there will at least be an in universe reason why things are the way they are a lot of the time.

Some explanations here can be found elsewhere in the wiki but would require much more searching. Therefore, it's best to include important stuff here for easy reference. This isn't for basic technology that they would have in this setting, which is in it's own guide. However, if the technology in question explains a major setting question people would have then it could still be found here.

Why do a lot of the alien races appear humanoid?Edit

Evolution within the galaxy is slowly being manipulated by various people known as High Beings for their own hidden objectives. However, different environments would still drive evolution to take certain changes beyond High Being control and not all races are being manipulated equally, accounting for major differences across different races.

Why isn't technology advanced enough to destroy the enemy easily such as meteor strikes?Edit

It is, but mutually assured destruction has caused various treaties to be signed amongst most races intelligent enough to come in contact with other races. Any race who uses banned weapons are quickly retaliated against and said weapons destroyed.

Why isn't fighting done at insanely long range?Edit

Attacks that come from long range are way more easily defended against, mostly due to shields. If it's slower, more powerful attacks then the shield can focus power in time to block it quite effectively if they don't dodge it entirely. Faster, weaker attacks like lasers, on the other hand, wouldn't be good against shields in the first place.

How do they have faster than light travel and dog fight in space?Edit


Why hasn't the entire galaxy been explored/colonized?Edit

Lanes allowing cosmodrive manipulation (see above) don't extend to all areas equally, leaving a lot of areas very hard to travel to at faster than light speed. There's also not enough population to colonize every planet so they only bother with the best planets rather than expensive terra-forming unless they have other reasons for doing so, some races more likely to practice this technique than others.

Why hasn't medical advances made people immortal?Edit

Souls exist in this setting and they have life spans. The soul grows old and weak, so does the person no matter what they do to their body to try and heal it. Some races have souls that can last longer than others, so some are indeed close to immortal if their body is able to keep up.

Why don't they use more robots and cybernetic implants?Edit

There is a "disease" what is commonly known as Machine Rot or False-sentient Psychotic Breakdown Disorder, basically the same thing but relevant to implants and robots, respectively. Machine rot is when someone has a robotic implant and their soul begins to be driven insane if it's incompatible with this new attachment on their body, effecting 20% of people over time even if it's just one robotic limb. The more is turned robotic in a person the worse the effects until people turn into a zombie like state of madness. False-sentient Psychotic Breakdown Disorder happens in advanced robots where they suffer similar effects and decide to turn on people. This disorder can be forced onto a robot by the Virous to increase the chance of it happening to near 100%, even if it still needs a human operator, causing it to simply break down.

There are also ways of hacking implants and robots, so it's taking a big risk to rely on them even if the disease isn't feared.

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