This event took place in sector 7, the furthest north that the UNT attempted to achieve a strong foothold, by way of help from the Faera who are relatively near that sector. However, their efforts were ultimately in vain and lead to horrible consequences when a series of rebellions in the area sparked a civil war that decimated forces loyal to the UNT. As a result, the UNT was pushed back south and lost almost all influence in sector 7 while the victorious rebels teamed up with other likeminded individuals who became inspired enough, largely from the victory here, to form the FNA (Free North Alliance).

Leading up to War Edit

The events leading to the civil war stemmed largely from the fact that sector 7 is very far away from the center of their government, leaving the inhabitants to feel detached from the rest of the UNT. It was hard for the government to properly deal with their issues, such as providing adequate protection or resources that they might need to survive, not to mention that the rebels felt like they didn't even have a voice in the workings of their own government yet still expected to contribute to them by way of the greedy and stern UNT Sector Commander Alador. He was hard for the proper authorities to keep in check, once again blamed for the ill location that he had command over. Although many of the forces under his command were trying to do the right thing, the rebels saw them at the very least as obstacles that must be brought down for the greater good even if they were not personally to blame, or these feelings were taken a step further by other rebels who saw them all as equally cruel and deserving of hate and destruction.

The War Edit

Rebel forces took the UNT government off guard in a series of sneak attacks that crippled a lot of their ships, forcing the UNT largely into land wars where the rebels stood more of a chance, even if it was a slim one. It was so slim, in fact, that on paper it was almost assured that the rebellions would die out before long. However, through a series of massive lucky breaks by the rebels and their zealous fighting to never give up, they were able to press onward and continue not only surviving, but also winning spectacular battles one after the other. A lot of the civilians, although too frightened to do anything at first, were on the side of the rebels, so once it was clear that they were defying the odds they too became more emboldened to act out, even if just a little, although some contributed greatly such as sabotaging their farms so that the creatures would run amok and cause major problems for UNT security forces.

UNT forces were brought in from all over the galaxy when it became clear that these rebellions were now a credible threat. However, by this time a lot of the rebels had gained ground and equipment stolen in battle as well as seeing a massive boost in their recruitment, allowing them to organize a proper defense. Although still outnumbered at least 50 to 1, a genius rebel leader known as the Beast of Sector 7 managed to turn the tides of war in their favor, particularly through using strategies involving the various monsters that inhabited the sector. Most of the UNT reinforcements were not only fresh recruits but also didn't grow up in the sector, unaware of many of the dangers or how to properly deal with them, resulting in many of them being devoured and the rebels loosing minimal forces during such chaos.

Even when that was not enough, the rebels also got aid from a group of nations (that would soon become the FNA) in the north who dislike large governments, thus feeling sympathy for their plight and aiding them in their valiant struggle, as they called it. The GAN Empire aided the rebels as well but in secret in order to weaken their rival without openly fighting them. Although they couldn't provide large amounts of forces or risk blowing their cover, they sent in many talented special forces units and did other under the table dealings with rebels. This interference might have helped tip the scales, although it was never proven due to how skilled the GAN was at concealing their endeavors.

Through all of their best efforts, the rebels put everything they had into last gallant battle at the planet of Falestor, having both intentionally and unintentionally lost some ground to set up the fated battle to occur there. Still heavily outnumbered, the Beast of Sector 7 had one last trick up his sleeve; he somehow had the assistance of a High Being known as Guruvala, a massive being appearing to be a cross between a pig and a dragon with 7 tails. She used up her vast reserves of energy all in one go to blanket the planet in a toxin once UNT forces were lured onto the planet's surface. This is known as the greatest massacre of the war, seeing to it the death of millions of UNT personnel, the bulk of their invasion, including Sector Commander Alador who was arrogant in believing he was finally victorious. Their bodies turned grey and became hard as stone (not made out of stone, still looking like flesh). Meanwhile, most of the rebels were underground to avoid the toxin in specially made chambers, and the few races that could survive the toxin were then sent out once it had taken effect. There were some UNT forces still alive, such as the ones sealing inside vehicles or certain races, but in the ensuing battle they were heavily disorganized and couldn't put up much of a fight, resulting in more of a slaughter than a battle.

With the death of most of their forces in the sector, those in charge of "peace keeping" the various planets they had control over were gradually routed as well, forced to retreat further and further backwards. Despite still outnumbering the rebels, who had to put almost everything they had into their victory at Falestor, the UNT had lost so many dozens more that they were completely demoralized and unwilling to continue fighting much longer, especially with the death of Alador, who was the main one pushing for the war to begin with. Reinforcements sent in, expecting to simply secure the planets they had control over, were now there to help the battered forces retreat out of the sector. Most of the rebels let UNT forces retreat without much incident, either too busy celebrating their success or too weak to do much about it. However, some battles did still take place as eager rebels hunted down their retreating forces to wipe them out.

Aftermath Edit

The UNT has almost completely left the sector. Despite heavy losses it's still evident that the UNT would eventually win if they sent even more forces in, but this idea has been discarded for various reasons. The main person they have to blame for this whole mess is, Alador, was already dead, so some people needed to find scapegoats elsewhere, leaving multiple fingers pointed in multiple different directions.

The rebels are now largely a part of the Free North Alliance. The Planet of Falestor has not returned to normal, although is now populated by people due to the toxic fog dispersing to safe levels. It's a sector-famous tourist attraction for rebels to see the sight of their greatest victory.

Guruvala disappeared into hiding once the battle was over, having used up so much energy that she couldn't do much else for a long time. It's likely she's still somewhere on Falestor.

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