Saiyah and her partner Ur'tret

Saiyah Malchiott is a 26 li'nel old Faera working within the Faerin Matriarchy as part of their special group know as the Ichinro Quartret. She's slowly climbing the ranks and making a name of herself, but admitedly she still has a lot to go before reaching the peak.


She has light purple skin. Her eyes are bright yellow with some smudges of orange. Her eyebrows are very sparse near the insides and thicker on the outsides. Her white hair has been dyed a pale pink color down the middle. The bangs are long and straight. The rest of the hair is shoulder length, fluffy in back and on the sides are two braids on each side that has ends dyed in pale pink. She has a lot of ear piercings. She has an athletic looking body and stands in at 5'7".


She's spunky, flirtatious, sociable, and agressive. Unlike a lot of Faera she can be really blunt, not bothered by what others think about her. She uses tough love and truly might care for others even if they don't realize it, and she might have trouble expression her true feelings even if she wanted to. She's a risk taker/adrenaline junky with a short attention span for boring things. She's willing to bend rules if neccesary, or if the rules are just generally considered to be stupid. She's the type of person who would be fun to party with.


She's trained in a lot of weapons and is fast, stealthy, and very flexible. Her strength is equivalent to human males who do a decent amount of weightlifting, and with her training she can put her strength to great efficiency. She's a good swordfighter, even able to dual wield.




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