here is a list of Sacred gears found by the Gremory that have been made public (or found out my our characters).

the reason these weapons get there own page and fall under the tech list is because these Artifacts made by the Elders of the Gremory race are all magiwave or dark matter or other powered Items giving its user (after fusing with them) abilities, there are a lot of them, more then listed here, most lost until found and each with their own powers, needing their own section in order to explain. 

The Fusion process can only be done when  gear accepts a person (which seems to be more random that delibarate, especially as most gears do not possess an soul trapped inside it), the fusion is till death and results that the artifact is hidden inside the persons body in a magiwave shape and can appear on command.

Some gears have been used as prisons for dangerous or powerful souls, these souls have an ability to change the gears natural functions.


in all the Gear there are story's about a line of Longinus weapons, the amount of these are unclear but they are individual artifact that each is said to possess the strength that if used correcly can kill a god (trough its uncleare if this is true)

These artifact will not make a appearence unless needed for an storyline and can only be learned from due to hearing about them (trough even that much will likely be impossible in general).

<<Curently non are listed, trough the Gremory have found 2 and have locked these 2 up, rumours in the Gremory homeworld say these 2 possess the souls of 2 powerful dragons>>

rare sets:Edit

rare gears that have been found and are either used by someone, put on display in a museum or home, locked safely as they were deemed to powerful.

-Blade Birth: a rare gear that can use magiwaves in order to create sword out of the ground.

-Drain line: a rare gear shapes like a frog that shoots a line that slowly steals strength and stanima from its target.

-Holy Healing: a rare gear that shapes like a ring with the ability to heal any wound

Comon sets:

Comon weapons that were massed produced at a time, they can break while others are unbreakable.

-Boost twice: a gauntled that can double its users strength once each fight, currently being massed produced in order to fit ships with them as power sources.

-Halfe devide: a gauntled that can halve a target's strength once during a fight (by physical contact), currently being massed produces as weapons on ships and vehicles or for soldiers but also modified to effect physical objects in order to make large machines half their size without losing their power output (prototype at this point)

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