An SSHT is a shortend name for Small single Heavy transporter

these glaizart ships are as the name say small and heavy build, they can transport about 1 type cargo, and have only 1 pilot.

they are build heavy with the reason of having a very high defense, they are usually in charge of important cargo. they are rather cheap to build but take a lot of time and are not cheap to hire

they are a bit more expensive to build then the SSLT but the price hire them is in between the SSLT and the SMFT

they are small with a truck like build (without weels of course)

they are equipted with:

-Generic Reactor engins

-Linar lane engins (main engin)

-Aura sense amplifier

-Generic Linier AI systems

-Lane Light shielding

-Impregnable metalizing armoring

they are:

-one man ships

-heavy but able to whitstand quite a lot


-simple automatic assualt turrent (unknown race)

List of Glaizart tech

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