the SPID fighter is called in full: Small Protective Interuption Drone.

these very small and un-manned ships are controlled by an AI installed in the drone, these AI's are programmed for the drone's specific job yet as usual are still able to speak with a small mind of them own.

the SDAD are Drone that usually are send to protect important ships being very fast and agile, they can be found always at PCSCS and PTSCS, but if needed also at any of the other ships.

-they have an internal energy source able to collect energy from almost anything that has it, including solar power and have an miniature Genetic reactor engine.

-they are un-manned and work trough an AI.

-very fast and extreemly agile

-make's no sound

-these versions an slightly faster engin and better power system

equipted with:

-Generic Reactor engins

-Generic Linier AI systems (special SPID version)

-Impregnable metalizing armoring  

-Shield Generator (of an other race)


-EMP cannon (from other races)

-radar jamming systems (work non stop)  (from other races)

-missile disruptors  (from other races)

-prectile shield generator (sending a small shield out to an target in need of)  (from other races)

List of Glaizart tech

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