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S’sauran’s (pronounced as S-Shaou-ran) are a strange race, cloaked in a dark robe, living on a planet with no sun but with some artificial light’s that is hovering around there planet like satellites, these light give only a very faint glow, just enough to see that their planet, their cities are all black, pure black, nothing has color.

Most races, most anybody never go’s to their planet without a good reason, strange things have happened there, and the S’saurans never have spoken a normal word with anybody.


Trough almost no-one has ever seen what is under there robe’s, these people are humanoid, there skin is white even their lips, their hair black, but most disturbing, their eyes have no white, they have no eye color, their eyes are black, so black that a doctor reported that there is nothing but a black hole in their eye sockets, their body’s slim, male or female, they are slim, but not under fed, all there body’s even the females chest is so slim that you cannot tell if you are looking to a male or female in the robes.

They seem to have no fingernails or body hair, only hair on their heads, and you will never see one with scars, there movements are so elegant that if you see one passing by, you will not even see them walking, only gliding like a ghost.

Lifespan/ childbirth and agingEdit

S’shauran seem to be exactly like humans when it comes to aging, conceiving and bearing children, but you never see a child out on their streets or in their homes, they send their children to a world, some kind of dimension that only an S’shauran can enter (or other due to aid of a S’shauran) where they are raised by their grandparents, thought about all of their history and how to control their ability’s, only to exit and switch places with their parents (if they are the last of the brothers or sisters to become adult) with living on their world or living in the S’sharen (their dimension world)


S’shauran’s are an isolated race, as they prefer to only mingle with others of their kind, there have been some exceptions trough, they live on their home world when they are adult, find a partner and have children, only to send them to their own world and later on move there themselves, they have little value to that world and if needed can always find another one.

They are mostly comfortable in darkness, the more darkness the more shadows to hide in, but have develop space traveling technology just for the sake of sending the dark light in orbit, as the lightning effect reminds them of their real home, S’sharen.

In S’sharen they have a king, that no-one has ever seen and seem to have ruled by more year than they can remember, the king is the king as he has found a way to become immortal, trough this is their biggest secret…


S’shauran speak in an languages that for other races is impossible to learn and understand, as it seems to change with the time of day and time of month, their language seems to be made mostly our of long ssssssss and rrrrrr words as their race name and home dimension shows, the language is always spoken in a low voice that trough it has strength in the voice makes you think of a whisper, even if it is getting yelled.

However they seem to be remarkably able to learn English.


Trough nothing is known officially about their abilities and technology, there are rumors that the s’shauran seem to have some strange controlling ability, but no one has ever seen what it was exactly.

Most people actually think this is just a story made out of fright.

However, these rumors are true and these abilities are the cause for the strange activity’s and the reason the S’shauran’s seem to float.

S’shaurans are able to control shadows trough there language, able to lift themselves of the ground and float, to flip over tables out of nowhere, even stab and hold things, there are even those that are part of a secret knight order, to keep their ability a secret, that are able to create swords out of their own shadows that can cut both, shadow/ soul or flesh.

It’s this ability that has created their true home, and made their king immortal.

Each family seem to have their own unique spells (as they call it in human language) some can use someone’s shadow to mentally torture the owner of that shadow, some can create voids in space, able to teleport and more. Due to the planet having no sun and the shadows are filled with cold they have developed a resistance to low temperatures, trough if one would be born and raised under a sun it would not have this resistance.

Magiwaves: S'Shauran's are natural born magic users. their magic is a Genetic type controlling shadows, shadow matter and even dark matter to a degree. Each S'Shauran has a large level of control and are able to use magic without the mental or physical draining for a long period of time, some minor spells dont even put any stress on the mind or body at all even, but if a S'shauran would reach this stage of exhaust, then they lose control of the magic, resulting that it corrupts their mind and body for a long period of time, making them act like animals with body's temporal augmented with shadows. In this state they cant see friend of foe and attack everything that come into mind. often others are forced to kill a S'shauran that ends in this stage, luckily this happens very rarely.


The S'shauran never went as far as giving there home world a name, just revering to it as 'the planet' as result other races came up with a name: BlackLight, based on the artificial lights around the planet, trough the S'shaurans still call it as they always have. the planet as most if not all of the planets in sector: 25 has no sun and no moon, yet the planet has an base temperature of only 5 degree's due to its planets crust being thin and with that the planets molten core being close enough to give a cold but livable temperature to the planet. the planet has no ocean's or rivers but a lot of large lakes and ponds, these waters are all sweet water and are very hot in the deep water to the molten core, yet cold on the surface, in between the water is a nice warm temperature, but swimming is dangerous due to carnivorous beasts called: Liffiatun, trough not all waters have these beasts it is unknown to know which waters are save and which are not. the planet seems to be made out of black rocks and plants, even the snow is black, likely due to the lack of the sun on the atmosphere. trough the planet is cold there are quite a lot of animals that have evolved to live in it as the Gagoot, an animal that have a fur that stores heat to regulate the animals body temperature, its this fur that makes the robe's fabric, most animals are colored black as well to hide from predators and something the S'shaurans call: Sshirrrambarrra

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