Runa Fukada (Ataia Variel)








Runa has taken on a Japanese appearance Brown eyes.


Beyond this she has 2 horns growing from her forehead, normally shaped like 2 crescent moons stuck on a hourglass staff which connects to her head (though using her appearance altering powers, she can change the horns somewhat, but can never remove them.

As that she has a pair of wings made fully from bones with no skin or membrane, often enough she shapes these into a corset using her powers but has been able to make them take on various shapes (she cannot fly using them as far as she knows)

Her cup size depends on her mood and if she is working or not, when working she tends to be C cup and when free she tends to be F cup (this is for when her mood is not effecting her to a point of wanting to change this)

In her free time she can be found wearing a kimono (her corset is hidden under it)

Working she wears her uniform with the corset above it and shrinks the horns so they don’t stick out too much.

Regardless of clothing or not, she always is seen carrying a silver colored necklace with an unknown blue stone.


Runa is an true individual in the eyes of her race due to lacking the basic instinctual urge for combat.

Instead Runa has a soft and gentle personality, wanting to help others and hates to hurt people or animals.

She tends to be as politely as possible, even to small children.

She has an addicted personality to things that give pleasure (you know what that reveres to).

Due to her addictive personality she has developed a flirty side naughty side, through the naughty side will only be shown to those she has gotten close to.

She tends to worry about her team mates and even though she dislikes combat she rather join the group to help anyway she can, generally by protecting and healing.

When team members or children are getting hurt she tends to jump between them to protect them, if needed even fight somewhat using her artifact.

However if those she really cares about get taken down or heavily wounded in front of her she tends to lose it for a while as her Cyrian instincts temporally kick as she goes in full combat fury against the one that hurt the ones in front of her, during this fury she shows great potential as a Cyrian warrior, through ones the target is down or escaped and she calms down she returns to her natural self to the point that if she did take the target down (usually with deadly results) she would regret this deeply each time.

Just as with all Cyrians, Runa believes in the Cyrian religion and will often come with references to it.


World of birth: Raisengi

A small planet in sector # with 12 citys, 12 towns and 12 farming villages.

This planet used to be visited by the Gremory who had build buildings on it, though when things went bad for the Gremory they left the planet, giving it space for the Cyrian to start living on it.

Homeworld: Toamia

Toamia is an UNT controlled planet which has a Medical school for future UNT members and some appartments for students and ex-students who have no other place to live.




All-round medic in field and inside facilities.


Being an on field medic using an artifact that could do some quick emergency aid, changing her appearance at will.

Able to manipulate her “wings” into various matters such as a corset, large heavy gauntlet, a snake like moving spear.


Her caring nature and dislike for seeing others hurt and combat can be taken advantage from.

If she ever loses it due to seeing someone she cares about and wounds or kills the one that caused her to lose it she would regret it which will have various possible issues.

Addictive personality to pleasurable things.

Due to her caring personality and hatred to hurt others, she is subconsciously blocking her artifact from developing further.


As far as Runa knows she has no knowledge of magiwaves, however the artifact she uses requires magiwave for various feats, the artifact has thus given her an subconscious knowledge and use of magiwaves.


She always carries some basic medical supplies.

She always has the silver necklace with a blue gem with her, even if she is off the clock or under the shower, this necklace is a Gremory Sacred Gear which allows her to manipulate water in the area and even moist in the air, which can be expended due to magiwave influence so that even if there is so little water in the air, she can still pull up a decent amount for defensive moves.

She has learned how to use the gear’s waters to do emergency rapid healing for wounds and poisons but the next stages in the gears potential would require her to ignore her hatred to hurt others as it’s a power that is painful and rather cruel to others, but its required to gain the final 2 stages.

While not really Equipment, Runa has a contract with a Krawl .

This is a Friendship based contract where Krull (as he is called) gets to explore the universe and have a nice female friend (having been a loner on its home planet), and Runa also has a good helpful friend who is always with her.

Both do their best for each other and share a special relationship.

Krull is a Male white Krawl who seems to have an pinkish color in general, though during certain movements may show other colors as well.


Ataia has always been an odd Cyrian, she did not wanted to play with the other kids when they were playing wargames.

This became even more obvious when she reached the age where she began to manipulate her appearance but never was taken over by the Cyrian instincts, instead she could not understand why the others were acting so aggressive and displayed her dislike to hurting others.

Off course the other kids her age did not realize this at the time, being too focused on fighting between each other and adults, but for her parents this began creating concerns.

Still they trained her, which she accepted as she was spending time with her parents more then ever.

But as she turned 15, those kids that were older or gained self control at the same age realized that she was odd and began bullying her, trying to force her to become like them, trying to force her Cyrian blood to awaken, which after a week ended up with her parents getting a call from the city’s hospital.

Once at the hospital it was revealed that she had been beaten up to the point of various broken bones and puncture wounds all over her body which resulted in her collapsing from massive blood loss.

The doctors have been able to reach her in time and assured her parents that she would make a full recovery in a few days with no permanent damage and that the wounds should heal without leaving scars as she was still very young.

Still her parents realized that this world was going to be too much, as long as she would hate to fight she would get beaten up weakly at least and there would be a day where she wont be treated in time.

So they decided that the best way of action was for her to be send off, they contacted UNT, explained the situation and asked if she could follow a medical school.

Once the paperworks were done and Ataia woke up she was send to Toamia where she would start her new live as a medical student under UNT.

Before she left her parents presented her with her grandmothers necklace that was supposedly found in some ruins deep in one of the large woods, telling her about its powers and advising her to take on a human appearance and a new name in case others would start looking for her for some reason.

Once she reached her new home she first caught sight of some Japanese looking people and took on the physical traits before seeking in the internet for name options, the last name was easily found and for the first name she noticed the name Luna.

As Luna is the name of a Cyrian goddess who rules over water, ice and heath and the powers of her grandmothers artifact, it felt like it was meant to be, though when she signed her names, as she was still only learning the language she made a typo and thus her name became Runa Fukada.

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