Rifer (pronounced as Rij-ver) is a humanoid race found in sector 62, they possess a unique genetic magiwave structure and tend to be unsocial towards other planets, though not hostile either, more it can be seen as, they dont bother much about the outside galaxy, accepting its presence but rather staying on their own.

this and their genetic magic traits has given the Rifer a mysterious appearence towards other races.


Rifer's normally are humanoid people.

They have a copperish complexion, no eye color, meaning purely eye white and a pupil.

They have different metalic colored hair colors and each individual strand of hair is between 2 and 5 mimimeter thick (depending on the individual).

each member is born with tribal like black markings on their entire skin, all starting from the center of their back and ending at the neck (though with some at the cheeks), the wrists (some at the back of the hands) and the enkels, the shapes of the marks differ between individual and is believed to be a sign of what type of their genetic magic they can learn.)

They have elven like ears, no eyes brows, and slightly pointed teeth (though with some this starts from the corner teeth, leaving the first 4 (between the corner teeth) flat and normal, lastly they have a rather small tong, though not much interesting about it beside its thickness.

their bodys lack all types of body hair, are slim yet athletic, they have 4 fingers and 5 toe's, the males have no nipples, their embelical cord was attached to the neck instead of the stomach, leaving a circlar scar where it was cut off (no neck button, just a scar), thin wrists and enkels and slightly more prominent vertebrae.

internal they seem to be the same as humans, though their blood seems to have a more sparkeling effect when light in shined on it and their hearts are in the right chest instead of the left.

also the organs that humans have that in medical science is seens as un-needed, such as the appendix are already missing and they seem to have no liver (instead it seems that their stomach, what is lightly bigger due to the lack of a liver is able to do all the liver would do, but due to this they cant take alcohol well)

A male Rifer's member is in general longer then that of a humans and can move like a snake, even retrackt it size to become thicker.

A Female Rifer in general have B or C cups and 2 openings (one at the normal spot and one above the pee hole)

Lifespan/ childbirth and aging:Edit

A Rifer's calander possess 15 months each year and they age similar, making them live slightly but not much, longer then humans.

A Female Rifer is pregnant for 1 Rifer year and are have a 70% chance of twins, 25% chance of triplets and only 5% chance of having a single child.

A pureblood Rifer will always be born with the embalical cord connected to the back of the neck and needs to be cut off after birth (in the old ages this resulted in 50% of the born children dying after being born, but with modern medical the death rate has dropped to less then 1%)

after giving birth a Female Rifer will have the same expectations as any human female with just 2 differences, the time for the womb to recover is much less, where a human female needs to recover for 9 months, a Rifer female only needs to recover for 5 months before it is save to get pregnant again, the other difference is that the breasts will grow a full cup size due to the milk and even when the milk has dried out the breasts will not drop in size anymore, meaning that a B cup female giving birth to her first child will after this remain a C cup, and if she would get pregnant again, she will become a permenant D cup.

(it is not weird to remark a female on their breasts size as it is an indication for the amountof children they have given birth to)

A Rifer can only interbreed with fully humanoid races, meaning anything like a humanoid wolf is impossible.

as that in most cases the child will seem to be purely a child from the other race, having nearly no Rifer traits (the only exeptions ever recorded are: the missing iris of the eyes, no eye brows, a smaller version of the tribal marks on the body, lack of body hair), the chance of the child possessing the Rifer genetic magic however seems to be small yet more often experienced, extimated around 25% of the interbreed children that can possess a genetic magic of the Rifer race (though always fixed on the Rifer parent's type)


Rifer's are often open minded, accepting others believes and cultures easily.

due to this they possess different cultures (who are generally all made by members of their own race in the past), each city or town can have one or 2 cultures.

This makes explaning the culture settings of them pretty hard.

What is generally accepted is the view of how the tribal marks indicate a Rifer's connection to one of their many genetic magics.

Important to know however is that according to their history files, every 100 (Rifer calander) years, a person is born with the unique ability to learn and master all of the genetic magics of their race.

The markings are always nearly similar so they tend to recognize the person easily.

Yet for some reason the one that was supposed to be born 30 years ago never was found, there is one who has markings that seem similar, though a bit off, and this child was born 24 years ago, giving quite a doubt if he is or is not the one, resulting that no one has ever tried to teach the person (though he himself also reject the idea that he is that special)

The one who is said to possess all the Rifer's genetic magics is called the 'Chosen' as all the previes ones had left marks in their history.

Some believe the chosen is always the same person reborn.


Though the Rifer race is now open minded and accepting of other pointsx of view, this was not always the case and with it, they had a blood filled past.

wars split between cultural views or between members of a genetic magic line, some wars were for global dominations or because one tribe wanted all the woman for himself, causing a war between males and females.

In many wars the 'chosen' was one who had sided with one fraction or an other and tipped the wars, generally ending the wars in a way that limited the amount of blood shed by taking out the heads of all other sides, though there were also some less fortunate storys about the chosens actions.

But the last war's chosen was the one who truly decerved the name of a chosen hero, breaking the bad ties and uniting the entire Rifer race, letting all other individuals accept each others view points and creating a peaceful einding of a war where everyone started to see things from a different angle, turning the Rifer race into the open minded people they are now.

After this the chosen of that time dissapeared and people started to rebuilt the towns and citys together, splitting members between each other as they liked the culture of that place, mixing all types of people.

this last war was by now 100 years ago (leaving the last chosen to become lost at the age of 30)


due to the different cultures the Rifer race possess different languages, though the galactic main language is thought at schools, so everyone knows that langauge as well.


Rifer's possess different types of tech, what kinds exact depends on the culture of each place, but can be seen to possess the same type of tech as most races in this galaxy.

They also dont mind buying tech from other races to enhance or add to their own, resulting that you can find many types of technology from different races on this planet or on their ships, some ships were even directly bought from a different race to start with.


In general all the Rifer possess are their genetic magic types, though some older members did delve into making magiwave artifacts, who are now all lost.

Only real remarkable traits would be:

-their blood can act like a magiwave conduit.

-they have strong hair.

-they can chew though raw meat.

-cant take alcohol but beyond that have a pretty high constitution that can take most toxics pretty well.


The Rifer possess multiple genetic magics, the ones they can use seem to be linked to the tribal markings they are born with and normally each individual can only learn one.

The genetic magics are also called by color and though there is a limit on how much each person can use (which also seem to be connected to the tribal markings) they possess a vast amount of magic power they can use, seeming like nearly unlimited in some individuals.

all their genetic magics act like a cloak on their body or fuse with their body, hiding the identity of the person perfectly.


this version can be recognized if the tribals seem to possess some flame pattern. --The red version can cover the user with a flaming cloak, highly skilled users can even fuse with the cloak and become a temporal living flame (though this costs a lot more magiwaves)

--when using the cloak the user can move much faster, floot in the sky and cover stuff with flames as they hold it, without burning it.

--the user becomes immune to fire as it gets absorbed to restore magiwaves.

--the user can control fire and specialize in fire magic

--carries all weaknesses fitted with fire.


this version can be recognized if the tribal seems smooth and more liniar. --the blue version can if mastered enough fuse the user with a water cloak, becoming a temporal living water being.

--when using the water fusion, the user can reshift their body to a degree.

--the user becomes immune to drowining and water type magic and able to absorb water to recover wounds and slightly restore magiwaves.

--the user can control water and specialize in water magic.

--carries all weaknesses fitted with water.

-Brown: Edit

This version can be recognized if the tribal is broken or interupted at varies parts. --the brown version can cover the users body by solid moving rock.

--when using the cloak the user can reshift the rocks into varies shapes and gain a pretty heavy strength boost.

--the user is immune to earth type magic.

--the user can control earth to a degree, able to rise and lower the ground and more.

--carries all weaknessess fitted with earth.


This version can be recognized if the tribal is smooth and is not linier. --the green version can cover the user with vines and or wood.

--able to grow the vines for the vine cloak from the users body, as manipulated both the wood and vine attributes such as thorned vines and black wood.

--the user is protected due a subconscious control by plants in the area, meaning that the user gets near invincibility in a forrest BUT outside a forrest the user has no genetic magic protection as the version do have.

--the user can grow and control plants though limited on different traits (such as, needing earth to grow a plant)

--carries all weaknessess fitted with plants.


This version can be recognized if the tribal has a lightning pattern. --able to cover the user by a wind based armor or a lightning cloak, one that has mastered the this type can fuse with the lightning cloak becoming temporal living lightning (the lightning cloak cost more magic then the wind cloak and the lightning fuse cost more magic then the lightning cloak).

--The wind cloak gives a reflective ability to certain range attacks, the lightning cloak increases physical traits such as speed and agility, the lighting fuse can travel though metalic objects and computer systems.

--the user is immune to electrical shocks, as it slightly recover magiwaves and immune to wind magic.

--the user specialize in electric and wind magic

--carries all the weaknessess fitted with lightning and wind.

-White: Edit

This version can be recognized if the tribal seems to recemble interupted feather like wings at varies locations (in general the shoulders) --able to manipulated light to either: give an illusion to all those seeing the user, making them believe they see their perfect mate OR cover the body with a cloak of a dim white light, dim enough that you can look at the user but bright enough to hide who the person is.

--using the white cloak the user can shape rainbow colored wings from the back to fly or reflect light in a manner to become invisible for a while (though this one cost quite a lot of magic, limiting the uses)

--the user is immune to being blinded and can slowly absorb absorb light to recover magiwaves (though he/ she cant use any other uses at the same time)

--the user specialize in light magic and all those connected to it (such as fire and lightning)

--carries all the weaknessess fitted with light (such as darkness), limited magic uses in dark area's


This version can be reconized if the tribal covers more skin then any other tribal type. --able to cover the user in a semi-invisible/ ghost like black cloak with blue flames as hair, eyes and mouth content, also exegerate the body build due to the semi-visibility.

--the Black one can basically eat light that falls on the user to turn the user temporally invisible, though this tends to eat more then just light, resulting in the user to lose his/ her clothes and equipment.

--the cloak can exit from the users pours and even shape into things like fist knifes that rather devoure what it hits then that it cuts, though it can only cut inorganic material.

--all matter that gets devoured gets used to recover the users wounds and revitalize the body.

--the user speciaslize in dark magic types

--the black version has the highest magicwave cost limitating its uses a lot, also its recovery ability is not equal to what it absorbs, further it possess no protection as the others do.

Silver: Edit

This version can be recognized if the tribal is shaped as rings around the body. --able to cover the user with a silver cloak that can also crystalize.

--the silver cloak can reshape to a degree, able to take on multiple shapes such as a dragon and a wolf, each with its own unnique bonuses and weaknessess, the crystal cloak can have different uses depending on the type, a black crystal can hide in the dark better, a more diamond cloak would prevent moving but increase defense to resist an explosion.

--the silver cloak can block bullets (though the impact would give bruises and such, and an explosion's shockwave would get increased as the silver colored cloak possess a liquid quality that would only guide the full blast to the users body) and reshape slightly as well, such as swords and claws.

--the dragon shape gains high offensive powers and blades, able to glide, but opens the armor at important spots that could prove fatal, the wolf gains speed and agility but takes away al human shape triatsd such as hands, plus is possess the lowest offencive powers of all 3 (known) shapes.

--the visor is always crystal and can shift for different uses, but all have their own downsides.

--this version has no real specilization for magic types, limiting its uses to purely physical offence and mostly defense

--no real specific weakness to report, but each section of this one possess its own weaknesses, meaning it has a lot of weaknessess but not all at the same time as with the others.

-Gold: Edit

This version can be recognized if the tribal marks are multiple lines scattered across the body. --this version is able to cover the user with a gold colored midivial armor, shaped to the users wishes.

--the armor can turn into liquid at any given moment to shape into hand held weapons and even things like whip's and other armors.

--the users body can be turned into liquid as well, giving the user multiple ways to move and avoid.

--the user can lose parts of its body and parts of the armor as the liquid can always find its user as long as he is alive, subconsciously recollect itself, using this the user can even fire away his/ her own fingers as bullets.

--this version has no real specilization for magic types, limiting its uses to purely offence and defense.

--the armors as mideval always possess multiple openings and without these the armor cannot move, giving it a lot of open spots and the body can only be turned liquid if the armor around it becomes so, meaning those open spots cannot be turned liquid for last second defense, all parts lost until recollected limits the user and the gold armoring uses depending.

-Pink: Edit

This version can be recognized if the tribal has taken on swirls. --this version is able to cover the user with a pink cloak that can extend and reshape as far as the users abilitys allows.

--The pink cloak can take on any shape the user wants and turn into either poison and or acid attributes.

--the user is immune to all types of poison, sickness and acids.

--the user specialize in toxic magics and uses of poisons.

--weak to everything that can cleanse poisons such as water.

-Orange: Edit

this version can be recognized if the tribal takes on the shapes of dots and circles. --this version is able to to cover the user with an orange cloak.

--while using the cloak the user can to a degree control magnetic fields and gravity density.

--when using the cloak the user is immune to bullets and can be seen flooting above the ground.

--The user is specialized in gravity and metal magic.

--the user's range is limited, possess weaknesses fitted to magnetic and metal.

-Teal: Edit

This version can be recognized if the tribal has diamond and ice crystal shapes. --this version can cover the user with an ice like cloak.

--the cloak can be reshaped into varies shapes and utilities.

--the user is immune to all cold related magics and enviroments.

--the user is specialized in ice magic

--possess all weaknessess fitted with ice.

--super rare genetic magic of the Rifer and stronger vs all other Rifer magics (is also seen as the anti-Rifer magic), vs other magic types it is equally as strong as any other magic type of its kind.

(basically it has no weakness to any of the other Rifer magics and one way or an other is able to take all other Rifer magics out)

-Gray: Edit

This version can be recognized if the tribal has connected blocky lines. --this version can transform the organic parts of the user into machine type parts, an experienced user can transform his/ her entire body into any machine type contruct he/ she can think off.

--the user can be immune or has resistence depending on what it would transform in.

--this version has no specialized magic type, limiting its uses purely to machine based uses

--the user can connect its body and mind to any machine, draining energy from it to restock his/ her own magiwaves and physical energy and or control the machine/ computer system.

--the user can make energy type weapons but each use drains more personal energy and or magiwaves, this is not included in the magiwave drain of transforming itself.

--possess weaknessess fitted with machines when (partially) transformed.

-Purple: Edit

This version can be recognized if tghe tribal has an DNA type of pattern. --this version can transform the user into animals and mythical beasts.

--The user's DNA and magiwaves are infused so that the user can infuse new types of DNA to transform into

--the start shapes tend to come from the parents (limited to 4), if neither parents possess this type (as is common) the starting shapes seem to always be: wolf, panther, eagle and serpant, though the exact types might change from tiem to time (such as a dragon type instead of a serpant, the type of serpant, a lion instead of panther (it will always be linked like this if it would be different then the basic list)

--an experienced user can try and fuse magiwave symbols for a transformation, basically fusing the DNA of collected animal shapes to make new animal shapes.

--the user has no specialization of any other type of magic, in rare cases some might become able to learn a type of magic if an collected animal shape would require that element (such as a bird of flames would grant the user a slight fire magic ability) but these magic controls are all on real low levels and tend to only be used on an animal shape (though some might gain the ability to go past this limitation in some ways)

--possess weaknessess fitting with the animal shape the user takes on (a wolf nose can be obstructed with pepper, a birds wings can be clipped, a reptile can be forced in hibernation, and so on)

-The Chosen:Edit

The Chosen can normally be recognized if the body is empty of any tribal marks ASIDE a pentagram across the back and a single ring on the chest.

--The chosen is able to learn all genetic types of the Rifer race.

--The chosen, after he had learned multiple types of the genetic type needs to switch between each type, being unable to use all of them at the same time.

--To switch the chosen needs some time to focus

--has the weaknessess depending on what type he uses.

--can not learn any other magic type as far as known.

--has the defense/ immunity fitting of the type he is using.

--rare cases when a Chosen is under stress, he might use an ability fitting that of an other type, even if they have not learned it yet:

---if they have learned that style, its an instant switch (what could also proof a disadvantage depending on the situation)

---If they have not learned the style, they still use one that have learned as its considered a fluke (and the reason why some believe that the chosen is always the same person reborn)


The Rifer live on the planet Mycru which is located in sector 62.

see also: planets of sector 62

Militairy and religion:Edit

due to having multiple cultures, their exist multiple religions and military fractions on the planet.

though they differ quite a lot, if needed all of the religions and military fractions can work together in a near perfect harmony.

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