is one of the 3 strongest and most legendary weapons the Glaizart race has ever made.

together with Katirana the katana and Ariana the short sword.

Reapeath is without a doubt the strongest of all the Glaizart weapons, being not an offensive one but one with a large amount of supportive powers making its user unstopable.

the weapon is made by the Limites bloodline around 36000 years ago, and used in the first couple of wars until the lost history of a 1000 years.

the weapon's current location is: lost

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decorated with the bones of ancient Glaizarts and stained with blood

Reapeath is a scythe and until human's came to the Glaizart world, which made the type of weapons the Glaizart made grown, the only scythe ever made in the Glaizart history, and still the only Scythe weapon with Glaizart military powers.

the weapon seems to be made out of bones of killed Glaizarts, all decorated around a staff of unknown kwality (believed to have been a piece of wood that somehow went trough an process making it somekind of metal that still resembles wood, an lost art), the blade is like any Scythe blade but with a large diamond like stone holding the blade and the staff and bones together at the tip, the stone is now died red with blood, the back of the blade seems to have a black gemstone folowing it untill the tip.

Reapeath is guessed to work by absorbing magiwaves as a constant energy source, making it possible for other races without the aura powers to use it, also this results that the use of the weapon will not drain its users energy.


The Reapeath use is giving its user a lot of supportive powers such as:


-controlling the users gravity (allowing flight, hovering, extreem acrobatics)

-allowing the user to stick to anything

-inviseblity (can also work on one or more specific objects like the scythe it self to hide it from view while the user can walk around like normal)

-increased speed and strength

-night vision


-telepathic communications

-increasing the users aura powers to unknown limits

-phantom walking trough solid objects

-illusion casting ovet the users body or other small objects

-letting out a smokescreen

-the skulls un the scythe can let out a high pich sound as if someone is getting killed

-the user is not effected by any negative effects the weapon can let out (like the scream above this, or the power below here)

-the user's senses are hightend (but protected from unwanted effects)

-the weapon can grow and shrink in size to allow the user to walk around normally without having to hold the weapon all the time, yet still have it with him

as the weapon is lost and no one has ever been able to capture a user long enough to ask anything, it is unknown if these are all known powers.

Old users:Edit

there is nothing known about any old user.

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