A Rating Game is a special game made by and for the Gremory .

this game is held once a year but can also be used outside the tourmenants in order to set discusions, for fun and other options.

There are many types of rules and many types of fields on many types of locations.

each field has a map devided by something like a chest board, meaning each field has a certain number of squars that act like a field area.

each field will have 2 bases for either teams

only 2 teams can fight at a time.

the game is finished then a [king]  is defeated or gives up

death is not acceptable, trough accidental deaths can happen.

from this point on all fights are deturmind by the rules, the [kings] stategy and actions of the servants.

few of the known games are:

-capture the flag

-scirmish (fighting without set rules)

-dice game (kings throws 2 dice and both sides need to decide on who to send out based on the piece value and thrown number)

-Chess set (similar rules as real chess)

-savety (fighting but with the rule not to destroy the field in anyway, limiting power types uses)

a few known "boards" : 

-The floating rocks

-a replica of a schoold building

-a replica of a mall

-a entire town replica

-a working metroline replica

- an open field

more to come as this becomes relevant.

see also: Gremory

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