Range type barrier shield

Volray's range type barrier shielding device

range type barrier shield== the small palm sized device is of human origin's and works as a personal defence system


though multiple barrier shields like these were made, they are rather rare and all seem only to work on a specific aim and on different ways.

this version works as a type of energy shield surrounding the user's body.

it is mostly invisable unless hit where it gives a small yellow static field, this field also appearces on activation, deactivation and recharging.

this version only protects against most range type attacks.


as with all personal defense systems there comes sertain weaknesses.

this version might protect against range type attacks, but not all: rockets, explosives, snipers to the head and huge projectiles (as spaceship torpedo's) will be able to break trough it, and if not a direct kill these shots will break the entire energy shield, forcing the user to hide until recharged.

also getting hit will deplete a bit of the energy (depending on the projectiles power) which needs to recharge, meaning if you keep getting hit the shield will deplete until a change for recharging is given, if not a change is taken/ found then you end with no shield and so you will take full damage until the shield is recharged.

this version, as its name imply's only works on range type attacks, giving weakness to explosions, melee, heights and anything else not fitting the projectile/ range weapon attacks.

further all of these devices share some commen weaknesses:

as a small independend device with a lot of use, it will require to be charged up as its battery will slowly deplete on due time.

due to saving the battery its best to turn it off when not in combat, but this will leave you open for surprise assaults.

A EMP attack might temporal disable the device.

if something hits the device directly (say a sniper shot or a direct hit when the shields are down or anything that will go through the shields) the device will be broken and needs to be replaced as most of these types of damage can not be repaired (trough some types of damage might be fixable)

some ellectro magnetic fields might disable the controlls forcing the device to be either off or on until exiting the field or the battery dies.

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