Rancurren are the child race of the Aracnoss and distant family of the paracite Aracnia .

Rancurren are a scorpion based race and are the most deadly of the 3 family members.

Appearance and BiologyEdit

Rancurren are giant scorpion creatures that come in 4 colors: yellow, black, blue and red.

The basic scorpion body is the base of their body, from this section they have their legs growing from under the sides.

These legs have 5 joints (counted from the base where they are stuck to the body), are smooth, very hard and durable.

They have all their organs inside their base and have a very large stomach in the second base which extends when they ate something large.

Racurren can be just as high as humans to twice the humans size (their tail is not included)

they have a tail that creates a powerful poison that can make a person, regardless of race and immunity very sick, unless the individual or race gets immidiat medical treatment or have some increased resistance/ immunity, they can are very likely to die in the timeframe of 1 hour max.

The tail has a sharp blade, able to cut through metal and getting even a scrape of the blade is enough to get the full dose of the poison, however the tail can also shoot the poison which is then less powerful but gets effected by a special gland that is located at the spithole (as its called), adding an acid property to the attack.

Racurren do not breath and their bodies can withstand the pressure of space, making them able to live without any gear in space.

There eyes can see in the dark and are fully black

Their arms are truly scorpion based, 4 joints (shoulder, two elbows and the joints at the sizors), the sizors are also hollow and sharp enough to cut through bone and with enough strength to crush metal and stone.

From here on the bodies change by gender:


Females have a slender snake like midframe from the base, this is where all other bodyparts are attached to and is the second base.

From the snake like body they have 5 pairs of large breasts hanging on their back, spanning between D anf M cup sizes (if they were of human size), these always are Yellow in color.

Inside the claws, females have a small air blather which can release various gasses based on the hormones used to make the gass.

Female claws are smaller but keep the same strength and traits as males.

Females have a long neck and a round bone armored head, they have have a large mouth hidden behind the armor, which opends in 3 plates (upper head and two lower plates), acting much like a snakes mouth and 6 eyes (triangle arranged in 3 pairs), no nose and no ears, but behind the armor they have holes which pick up the sounds strongly due to the armor creating a echo, allowing them to pick up even the smallest of sounds.


Males have a slender snake like midframe from the base, this is where all other bodyparts are attached to and is the second base

Males actually have a 5e pair of legs sticking out from their shoulderblades, giving more stealth and increased crawling abilities

Males have bigger claws then females and have the inside of the claws filled with poisoness needles.

Compared to the females, Males dont have a actual neck and their head starts from between the shoulders sticking out (they do have a neck joint allowing their heads to move up and down and lift and right), their head is more bullet shaped and their mouth breaks open their face into 4 giangantic sections, each filled with a large amount of spikes teeth, much like sandworms, on each part they have a eye, however when the mouth is closed, only the two upper eyes are open and working, the lower ones only open to see when the mouth is open or when stretching upwards to look around in all directions, they have no ears or nose, but do have holes that pick up sounds.

Their genitalia are on the base between the front legs, in order to mate they need to bend backwards with their second base to push it forward, which causes the genitalia to be pushed from the orifice where it normally hides (through with their slender bodies, they can still get close and face to face)

Birth and AgingEdit

Racurren tend to have an actual mating season where the males fight between each other over the females, yet once a female has been won, they will be mates for live and even show signs of love in the long run, through they dont have a concept of this in their culture.

Only during mating season are the females furtile, otherwise its just mating for pleasure.

When a Female Racurren has been impregnated, they will show a white bulge ontop of their base body, as the children grow, so will the bulge until the female cannot move anymore due to the weight pressing her down.

Once the children are fullgrown, they will be pushed out of the vagina one by one, coming with their legs around their bodies and a soft marquise concoon protecting them, only after all of them are born will the concoons break and will the 10 children instantly crawl to their mothers breasts to feed.

The sack will after a day return into its normal state, however the color will be white for a while.

Racurren females will start to lactrate the moment their body caves in under the weight as the energy for moving gets redistributed to making milk, the breasts then expend and fill, looking fake and growing 1 to 2 cupsizes, they will start to leak the moment they are full which the mother tries to aim at the sack on her back to keep the skin moist.

Newborns are more spider like in build and lack any indications of gender, they also lack the mouth types that belong to males of females and instead have a group of smaller tendrils which can suck out their mothers milk, each child will have their own breast and by natural instincts will never drink from an siblings breast.

Newborns have a height of a koffie table and the size fitting this, lacking arms or the Racurrens tail, also all newborns are yellow.

As they age they will slowly grow and change into their adult shapes, the first is the collor and head that is grown in their gender based shape, from which point they join their parents in the hunt for real food.

Racurren can age up to 200 years old while remaining their physical strength, only their poisons and other abilities such as sticking to walls and such will get weaker in their last 20 years.

Only when a Racurren's tail falls off will they know they will have just a week to live.



Racurren are predatory hunters who dont like to toy around, they have a short tempure and is quick in deciding to take revenge for even the smallest of things.

this makes deplomatic relations and social interactions rather though, but not impossible, in general if one makes a notice far in advance and come crawling on the ground, then Racurren will listen, however from there on out everything can happen


Racurren has no real military but hardly need one considering their nature.

however they have had a military in the past due to bad relationships with their Mother races, while they dont have any Military now, if the need rises they can instantly create a new one in a matter of seconds.

In case of such a need they also tend to have exercises for various situations once every year (each year an other one)


Racurren speak plain Anolo and English but also have a their own language which is made from clicking sounds, the sounds are often enough rather short and loud, but are made from various complex sound combinations and underlaying tones that cannot be heard with normal ears.


Racurren live on tree settlements on 1 planets, this planet can be found in section # , is called Murained and is filled with poison plants, animals and terreins

The settlements are fully made from webbing and span various terrein types, such as caves, mountains and swamps, the webbing is a remainder of their ancesters and enhanced with a special mucus the Racurren can secreet.

Fashion Aracnoss do not wear cloths, armor or anything EVER (suggesting or even giving anything that can be seen as an clothing or accessory is considered one of the largest insults possible and punishble by death, this implies most for females due to their bare breasts, which look exactly like normal breasts (through yellow in color (regardless of other body colors))


Racurren are preditors, meaning they only eat meat.


Racurren now dont have any tech, however they have learned a lot from the ancesters tech and while they dont have the abilitie to make webbing anymore, they do have a special mucus which they can use to mimic webbing, mixing this with magiwaves could allow them create the same tech as Aracnoss, this was proven during the time they had a military system for their revenge against the Aracnoss for leaving their ancesters.

while they dont have any tech now, they have passed down the knowledge for this in various means (training, spoken word and writen/ drawn words and even some secret tech using a special mucus that is only visible to the Racurren and Aracnoss and can create the tech in seconds to hours (depending on the complexity, a spaceship would take hours for example).


All of the Aracnoss abilities are scorpion, survival or poison based.


All RacurrenEdit

can stick to any type of surface.

All Racurren create a deadly poison in their tail.

All Racurren do not breath, can withstand the pressure of space and have a pair of extremely powerful claws, able to crush stones and metal, while sharp enough to cut through bone.

All Racurren can see in the dark.

Racurren are smaller but more faster and agile then Aracnoss


have  stronger special abilitie strength then malesEdit

have stronger sense of hearing, able to pick up the smallest of sounds.


are faster

more stealthy.


Racurren dont use magic currently but can infuse magic through an secret technique in their mucus,


All RacurrenEdit

can spit the poison in their tail in lesser dose but with acid mixed in it.

Racurren have a special mucus which can harden, stay liquid, become invisible for other races and much more.

for unknown reasons, Racurren have gotten a resistance to the Aracnia's abilities during the war.


have a special gass blather hidden in thier claws, using various hormones this gass can do various things, such as paralyze, light poison, work as a potent aprodisiac, shut down all 5 senses, suffocate, create drugs effects like making the target stoned, and more


Males claw spikes possess various hormone and DNA altering poisons, able to mutate a targets body to its own wishes, the mutation options are limited but things such as enhancing a specific body parts or giving skin based mutations are rather easy


Racurren have a long line of history which starts with their ancesters.

at first there ancesters were known as Aranar, a large spider race which looked a lot like their children, this was the animal stage of the Aracnoss and its sister race.

As time passed the Aranar evolved into 3 stages;

-smaller spider like creatures who kept their animal minds.

-smallest spiders that became known as the Aracnia.

-Giagantic spiders known as the Aracnoss.

at first the 3 lived together peacefully, however things began going wrong after about 600 years as the Aracnia made a new evolution step where they became the paracite type spiders they are now, beginning with taking over the animals of the planet, leaving no food left for the Aracnoss, and soon began attacking their own sister race as well.

this began the first war and resulted in the Aracnoss having to leave their own homeworld and letting the Aracnia stir in the mess they created themself.

After a few years of traveling through space they reached a new planet that they could live in.

This planet was filled with more poisoness creatures and animals which at first did not seem to effect the Aracnoss, however after a few generations the children began to be born sick and too often dead.

It took them 20 years to get a new spaceship done to leave the planet and only a small amount was able to escape the planet, leaving a large amount that was deemed to sick to survive behind.

However after they left a pregnant and deadly sick female began giving birth and while the mother was dying, she gave birth to an entire group of 12 children, all healthy, however they also looked differently, having a yellow color and already possessing 2 pincer like claw hands.

These children then bred when they were of age with other still living Aracnoss and each other, which spawned a newer race, this kept the evolution going on and on until the Racurren were born the way they are now.

However, while they were able to build up their culture and lives, they never forgot about how they were left for dead with their ancestors by the Aracnoss and once they reached space age began hunting the cursed betrayers, which was easy as a lot of bits of webbing could be traced through space and planets until they found a 2 planets linked by a long webbing tube, which they had no troubles with blasting to bits, starting the war between the Aracnoss and Racurren.

During this war another ship crash which ended up having the Aracnia piloting it, bringing the 3 family members together and created a war the size that either side had never seen before, especially for the Aracnia who already had assualted various planets already by now.

the war took generations and ended when Racurren and Aracnia had to join together and slay the Aracnia in thier mids and afterwards lacked the energy to continue fighting each other.

the two split their paths, feeling anger between them but never starting a newer war ever again, leaving the Aracnoss to start rebuilding to their current stage and the Racurren to let go of one bit of the past and build up their lives further from there on.

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