This guide is to help you create a page for your race should you decide to make one. To find your race easily after the page has been made, put it in the Race category and also a category of your very own where all of your creations can be found.

Now I'll explain proper formatting. You don't have to follow this exactly if you have your own perfectly good style, but this way could come in handy.

No matter the style, it's a good idea to start the page off with a brief paragraph or so explaining the main points of what they're all about. For example, what faction are they're a part of, what are they most known for, where in the galaxy are they, etc. This would be enough for a quick reminder if that's all people visiting the page were trying to do, so now they don't have to shift through tons of details around the entire page that they might not need just to get to the juicy bits.

The rest can be found under headlines for easy categorization of the more detailed information. Headlines can be done by putting two equal signs on both sides of the title of the headline. I start off with the "Appearance" headline, which is sometimes grouped with "Biology" that involves their insides and other physical characteristics. These two headlines can just as easily be separated. If there are no aspects of their biology different enough than humans it's not really needed. Next I do "Birth/Aging". Then I do "Culture". Within culture I can do smaller headlines for different parts of the culture. For example, their personalities, important cultural events, clothing, language, etc. can all be under their own smaller headline, which is done just like a headline but given three equal signs on both sides instead of only two. Then I do "Abilities" such as their intelligence, magic, or otherwise, separated under smaller headlines. Lastly I do the "History" of their race and sometimes a "Trivia" headline if there's interesting facts about them not fitting in under any of the other categories.

Keep in mind that, unless otherwise stated, there are exceptions to personality found in every race, so rather then having to always say "most are kind, most are shy", etc., you can say "they are kind and shy" and we'd know you just mean in general and not a 100% for all of them.

If the race is a part of a government then I would place this fact in the opening description. That could have more information about them not found just in the race sheet if it deals more with that government then the race itself.

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