This place is a mess! Edit

Please stick to questions, good sirs and madams, but this is a valid point. A lot of it is from a previous failed attempt at making a roleplay out of this, causing a lot of things to get quite unorganized and some ideas are needing to be changed or outright eliminated. If you see anything too crazy, you may point it out if you'd like but odds are it will be fixed sooner or later.

Can I fix things up myself? Edit

Uh...sure! Actually, I'd be glad to have any help I can get on editing things. Just make sure you don't edit other people's work without permission unless it's to fix a grammatical/formating error that obviously shouldn't be there. If I were you, if you come across any of my works with major errors in it then I most likely have a ton of stuff I'd be planning on fixing, so don't waste your time correcting all of the little things until I get everything to what looks like what is planned to be a finished product.

So, what's this all about? Edit

There's no main plot that you must know to be able to get involved. Instead there's an infinite amount of smaller stories that could be told, self contained or part of a larger narrative that has sequels, prequels, spinoffs, etc. They can be action, romance, mystery, drama, comedy, you name it. To answer the question in a short and sweet way; this can be about whatever you want it to be. Just so long as it's focused on something taking place within the Andreemea Galaxy. No sense hitting it out of the ballpark because this is a very huge ballpark you have to work with.

Are there any specific stories out there right now? Edit

Not at the time of this writing. If there are then there will be a link on the front page to a category page with a list linking to all of the relevant stories taking place/completed. As previously stated there was a roleplay idea going for this long ago but it died and then all of the data was lost along with the forum it was on.

Can I start a story? Edit

Yes! You can make a story at any time. Stories can be posted directly onto this wiki or elsewhere, by yourself or with a group as a roleplay. However, if the story is elsewhere then, so we can find it, create a page for it on the wiki with a link to where the actual story is, and label the page under the category of "Story". You may write a brief synopsis of the story on that page or you may not, but if you want people to be interested in it then it would help to add whatever information you desire to draw people in to clicking your link.

I said you can post it at any time and even without my knowledge, but if you post a random story without approval then it won't be considered canon (part of the continuity) of the Andreemea Galaxy until you get that done.

What if I just want to post information, not stories? Edit

You can do that as well. Characters, planets, species, languages, all of the details that make up the galaxy! There's a ton of work to be done and you can take part in any of it. Like the story, you have to run your ideas by me or an admin to be considered part of the main canon.

Canon? Edit

Check out this page of the guide for more information: Canon Guide

Will the stories be mature? Edit

No overly graphic detail is allowed on the wiki. If you insist on a story that would make a sailor ask you to stop swearing or Satan to blush from the fowl deeds being described, please post the story off the wiki with a link and post a warning above the link with the rating and why it has said rating. Also, make sure wherever you post the story is fine with mature content. Don't worry about PG-13 stuff. That all is fair game, but if it would still be good if you would make a rating for it anyways just in case.

What about copyrights? Edit

Only original ideas, ideas you have permission from the owner to use, or generic enough ideas where it's not considered copying are allowed in Canon-0 or any other canons not specifically for such ideas such as a Star Wars vs. Andreemea story.

Even if it's in such a story, make sure you don't claim anything as your own if it's copyrighted elsewhere.

How can I find all my pages?Edit

At the bottom of a page is a list of categories. Click on "Add Category" and it gives you the option to type something in. Make that your personal word, which can be anything you choose unless it's some bad format error or vulgar. I chose to type down "IN", which is short for ImportantNobody, which is another username I commonly go by. Now every time I click on the IN category I'll be brought to all of my pages as long as I remember to add that category to all of my pages.

You don't have to do this if you don't want to but it's very handy for yourself and others to see your work.

Anything else you'd like to add? Edit

Not at the moment. Everyone can feel free to submit any questions about this general subject matter in the comments and I'll see if I can answer them. I'll edit this list with good questions to answers.

What do I do next? Edit

Well, you can check the front page again for all the different major categories of information and start planning on your own ideas? Whatever floats your boat. Checking the other stuff in the guide category is the most important before going any further, at least if the page has any relevance to what you plan on involving yourself in on here.

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