A Pure Rifle is a Magiwave weapon made by the Ainants.

A Pure rifle is a medium weight long barreled sniper rifle with a thin body.

Being a sniper rifle it has 2 zooms build in and fires a concentrated thin shot of anti-armor magic needle.

The rifle has a medium weight and is a heavy clas weapon with a pretty basic operation system, being at best on long range combat.

The weapon also possess a second mode where it can act as a more DMR or battle rifle, firing a less powerful anti-armor magic bullet and work with just one scope, on this mode the weapon is best on medium to long range.

its a powerful weapon with 2 uses, in the sniper mode it can fire in a rapid succession for 4 shots while in its BR mode it can fire 3 shots in a semi-automatic system with a small interfal, as long as their is no more then 1 other magiwave weapon user precent the weapon contains unlimited ammo

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