This is, as you may have guessed, a guide on how to properly categorize your pages. Categories are those tags at the bottom of a page that you can click to see the list of all pages belonging to that category. If everyone tags their pages correctly, navigating the Andreemea wiki will be far more convenient. After you create a new page, go through the following steps to make life easier on your fellow wiki readers:

1. Always apply the "All" tag. This is for maintenance purposes, as Wikia offers no other way to view a list of all pages.

2. Tag the page with your username or equivalent, so that you'll always have easy access to a list of all your own pages.

3. If the page is an informative text about a race, creature, character, planet, faction, event or type of magic, use those tags accordingly. "Race" refers to creatures that are seyníént, such as humans, while "Creature" refers to ones that are not, such as dogs. If it's about a specific individual, seyníént or not, instead of the whole species, use the term "Character" instead. If the page is about a certain type of technology or a certain collection of technology, use the "Tech" tag. If it's information about something that doesn't fall within any of these categories, use "Info". Do not use any of these tags if they're not the main focus of the article. For example: List of Faera Tech is tagged with "Tech" but not with "Race", because the Faera are not the focus of this page. Their technology is.

Alternatively, if the page is a fictional story or an informative guide, tag it as "Story" or "Guide" respectively. A page only counts as a story if it's intentionally written like one. For example, many race pages will have a summary of the race's history. While it may seem like one, that does not count as a story. A guide, on the other hand, is an article directed at the members of this site, intended to teach them something. This very page is an example of a guide.

4. Use canonity tags. If something is part of the main Andreemea lore, meaning it's true in all role plays taking place in the Andreemea universe unless stated otherwise, use "Canon-0". You'll need permission from ThatCreativeGuy/ImportantNobody to add your work to Canon-0. If it isn't part of the main lore but exists in certain alternate universes,  you can either use "Canon-1", which is a collection of many different canons that don't necessarily exist within the same universe, or you can create your own canon tag. More info on that, as well as on canon tags in general, can be found here.

5. Optionally, use custom tags. Custom tags can be used to easily show a connection between several pages. For example, the IGCP category contains all races, planets, events, etc. closely tied to the IGCP faction. You may create new custom tags yourself, but only do so if there's a significant amount of pages within that category. You can also do this for important races, such as Faera, to show all pages closely tied to that race.

6. As long as the page is still a work in progress, it's recommended to use the WIP or UW tag. Click the links for more info on which to use.

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