A personal transportation vehicle is a land vehicle like a car and fully named a personal transportation vehicle, the Glaizart use these just like we use cars, they are simple civilian PTV's, but can be equipted with some small to medium weapons if the need calls for it.

just like out cars can these come in different shapes and sizes, there are also 2 types, the cheaper ones use simple wheels and a engin that needs to be charged from time to time, the more expencive ones and also the military versions are using the Aura Hover systems.

the ones with wheels can be used by any race, but the Aura Hover versions can only be used by Glaizarts.

-they can either have an ellectric engin or the aura hover system.

-it can be driven by one person but hold up to 2 or 5 people (depending on the version)

-they can move on flat grounds, mostly seen on roads, the hover version can move on almost any ground.

-most are civilain vehicles, but there are military versions

-they are fast and sturdy like real cars.

equipted with:

-Generic Linier AI systems port (allow user to insert his/ her personal AI)

-Aura hover tech (in some versions)

-ellectric engin system (from other race) (in most cases)


-possible ghause cannon turret (human tech)

-possible missile pod turret (human tech)

-possible gatling gun turret (other race tech)

-possible sniper turret (other race)

-other possible weapons not listed here

List of Glaizart tech

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