An PTSCS is a shortend name for Portable Terraforming space command station

these glaizart space station are also ships.

They are extreemly large, around half the size of a large moon, these ships are meant for only one purpose getting send to an uninhabital planet and terraforming it into a habital planet, they are fully equipted with tech to terraform any planet with water, air, cool them down or warm them up, anything that is needed, also they have planets stored as well, they are usually followed by transporters for protection as well.

as expected by ths size, these ships cost a lot of money, currently there is only one fully build, but 2 others are being made.

once a planet is habital the crew make contact with the planet that a PCSCS is stationed around.

these stations mostly discus shaped with 2 turnable tube like extentions to the sides that are bended, in these tubes are most of the terraforming systems.

they are equipted with:

-terraforming equipments

-multiple Generic Reactor engins (the ship is still slow die to its size)

-Aura sense amplifier

-Generic Linier AI systems special PTSCS version

-Impregnable metalizing armoring

-Shield Generator




they are:

-very huge to allow a lot of people in it with resources

-slow yet very strong



-EMP cannon (from other race)

List of Glaizart tech

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