An PCSCS is a shortend name for Portable colonization space command station

these glaizart space station are also ships.

They are extreemly large, around the size of a small moon and are filled with people and stuff needed to build on a new planet, making a settlement and soon (about in 5 to 10 years) a full scale city able to start their own speciallization and build transportships, these ships are usually followed by a couple of heavy transport ships equipted with more resources and most of all weapons for defending the station, when a planet has been found and a settlement has been build one of these ships go back to the closest planet while carrying a articial light powder container and releasing it to make a new trail (if multiple planets are close the ship will refull at an other planet and return to make the next path).

as expected by ths size and need this ship will cost a lot of money, yet due to the economic growth the Glaizart has been able to create multiple of these and take control of every liveable plenet in their sector.

these ships are however still being made for 2 options, finding a way to send one out of the sector to the next and start expending there (but this has proven difficult), the other is to send one of these out after getting a cormfirmation from a PTSCS that a planet is ready for settlement in their own sector.

these stations are in a cresent moon shape where the center is a straight line, from the center (where the control center is) there are multiple bridges  (real briges as where you walk over something) between the stations center area to the outer half ring, the center of the ring is off limits to the colonization crew (meaning simple citizens) due to the engins of the ship being there, this area has 2 bridges.

they are equipted with:

-multiple Generic Reactor engins (the ship is still slow die to its size)

-Aura sense amplifier

-Generic Linier AI systems special PCSCS version

-Impregnable metalizing armoring

-Shield Generator




they are:

-very huge to allow a lot of people in it with resources

-slow yet very strong



-EMP cannon (from other race)

List of Glaizart tech

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