The Ouroboros Empire Edit

The Ouroboros are an insect like humanoid race with a dark brown chitinous exoskeleton that can withstand heavy punishment. An Ouroboros’ body is made up of three parts. A large head roughly the size of a basketball. This head has two eyes giving them 20:20 vision and night vision. They have a pair of long antennae that jut from the top of their heads, these antennas gather vibrations in the air and are used to attract mates and show off their place in the Ouroboros Empire (normal civilians will have smaller antennae to say the Hive Voice).

The thorax is a small section that contains their major organs and their two arms which are similar to a praying mantis however instead of ending in claws they have 4 digit claw like hands.

The third part of their body is the abdomen where their 4 legs are as well as the rest of their organs. Their feet are talon like and have 4 digits which they can use to climb up surfaces a normal person couldn’t. Females have larger abdomens than males.

Ouroboros have incredible strength and can lift ten times their own body weight. They do this by locking their joints in order to be able to support these great weights.

The Ouroboros are normally worked to death and only have a life span of about 20-30 years. The Empire leaders are thought to have been immortal. However this is not entirely true. Due to their scientific breakthroughs most of the Leaders are genetically enhanced to live for hundreds of years. The Oldest member of the Hive Counsel Palenro has lived over 500 years. How he does it no one is sure.

Ouroboros breath the same way as insects. Instead of lungs, they breathe with a network of tiny tubes called tracheae. Air enters the tubes through a row of holes along an their abdomen. The air then diffuses down the blind-ended tracheae.

The Ouroboros can eat and digest almost anything so food for them is not really a problem.

Culture Edit

The Ouroboros empires citizens all serve a purpose. No one in the empire is ever born without a purpose and when they are old enough to contribute to the empire they are put to work. The Ouroboros are a stubborn race but will take a tactical approach to any situation, whether it be Diplomacy or Combat. They almost never back down from combat and have been called the endless swarm which is a name that the Ouroboros do not acknowledge as they care little for the opinions of lesser races.

Language Edit

Ourboros' voices are exactly how you would expect an insect to speak. The language they speak is called Ulimi and contains the clicking of teeth and a hiss on the annunciation of words. Only the Hive government speak any other language apart from Ulimi as it is not seen important for citizens to learn the language of lesser races.

Government Edit

The Ouroboros have a group governing body that works for the greater good of the colonies consisting of a:

Hive Voice (Leader: Gel-karoe Silver tongue) Edit

Their purpose is to serve and take into account the civilians of all of the planets colonized by the Ouroboros. As well as the colonies they also deal with trade routes with other nations and deal with diplomacy between nations. In charge of National Finance.

Hive General (Leader: Jas-ree Skull crusher) Edit

Their purpose is to direct and lead Ouroboros armies. As well as provide cloning material for the armies. Only the best fighters are chosen as members of the Hive General as a result the Hive general groups is a lot smaller then the other two Hive groups.  

Hive Mind (Leader: Palenroe the Genius) Edit

The Research and Development Leader. Their purpose is to improve the armies of the Ouroboros empire and advance their technology. As well as develop new weapons and biological marvels.

Military Edit

The Ouroboros uses a clone army made from the DNA of the current Hive General. There are three types of foot soldiers. Grunts, Brutes and Primes all foot soldiers have sharpened arm blades that are to be used in melee combat as well as short spikes in their elbows and knees.


Grunts are the basic infantrymen and fill out the basic roles in an army, they have a tougher exoskeleton that helps to shrug of explosions and arms fire but is not impenetrable.They carry Fleshborers.

Brutes Edit

The brutes are larger muscular versions of the grunts almost twice the size of a regular grunt. They have a built in Chitin shield to protect themselves and others from arms fire and have a reinforced exoskeleton that protects it from heavy arms fire and explosive. They act as meat shields and anti-vehicle or anti-infantry units. They can be equipped with three weapons Deathspitter, Miasma Cannon, Drool Cannon or a Bio-electric Rifle.

Primes Edit

Primes are the lighter and quicker reacting versions of the grunts. They normally act as leaders on the battlefield, as Pilots or as Snipers. They will use Fleshborers or Bio-Electric Rifles. Due to the information that the Primes process and the amount of the battlefield they see. After a battle is over Primes are taken back to the ships and essentially killed to absorb all of the information they have gathered during battle. This allows the Hive Generals to assess their opponents and adapt to them.

Ouroboros Vehicles Edit

Chimeras are their main transport vehicle it uses anti-gravity to float above the ground and is capable of actual flight however this is sluggish. A Chimera will have a large box attached near the end that will hold troops. it is armed with a Deathspitter and a Drool Cannon. These ships have a limited form of space travel but are not designed for it.  

Goliath Edit

Goliath is their main tank unit that can be fitted out to serve many different purposes,. It moves on four legs allowing it traverse most terrain. It is heavily armoured and is can be equipped to deal with air or ground units. Its main weapons are a Heavy Deathspitter and Drool Cannon  It can be equipped to have a Fleshborer hive, Shreddershard hive or a Bio-Electric Cannon. It lets out a high pitched screech when it spots an enemy or takes damage.

Cyhyraeth Edit

These ships are made of what can only describe as some form of organic material. It is equipped with literally live ammunition. The ships are equipped with faster firing Bio-Electric cannons. The big weaponry uses a special type of Living slug called Gelthins that when it makes contact with an object it comes alive. Breaking out of it shell it will then proceed to rip parts of the ships it’s on off. It is biologically evolved to survive the vacuum of space, these creatures live and breed inside of the ship so there is no short supply of them.

The Ouroboros Weaponry Edit

Their weapons are essentially mini breeding chambers that use almost any source of energy in order to power these chambers. The chambers are used to breed the live ammunition in their weapons.

Fleshborer Edit

The Fleshborer fire live ammunition designed to drill through light armour then release a bio-electric pulse to disorientate the victims nervous system with spasms.

Fleshborer Hive Edit

A Fleshborer Hive is a large sack of Fleshborers that are used primarily for anti-air defence. It can fire off flying insects that burrow through armour then release a bio-electric pulse to disable electronics or the person flying the aircraft.

Shreddershard Hive Edit

A Shreddershard hive is a large sack of Shreddershard Beetles that are primarily used for anti-infantry and Vehicle crowd control. Shreddershard Beetles are scarab like insect that can chew through flesh and light armour easily. Shreddershard Beetles take more time to chew through tougher armour. On death Shreddershard Beetles explode releasing an extremely sticky substance that can jam up mechanisms before hardening like steel.

Miasma Cannon Edit

The Miasma Cannon fires a grapefruit sized creature that homes in on its target. Once it reaches it’s destination it explodes with a sticky and  highly Flammable liquid that ignites instantly upon contact with the air after a second, the liquid is sticky and sticks to whatever it hits burning until it runs out of fuel.

Deathspitter Edit

The Deathspitter is a rapid firing version of the Fleshborer however it has rounds that pack a harder punch able to punch through light to medium armour.

Drool Cannon Edit

The Drool Cannon is flamethrower weapon that fires out an acidic liquid that burns flesh and weakens armour.

Bio-Electric Rifle Edit

The Bio-Electric rifle fires ionized energy towards a target punching through medium armour with ease. Each blast takes time to charge (5 Seconds after firing). This energy is generated by the creature using the weapon and is a form of bio electricity. As a result they are directly attached to the creatures that use them.

Bio-Electric Cannon Edit

The Bio-Electric Cannon is similar to the rifle version but is designed to penetrate heavily armoured units. The Cannon takes time to charge (10 Seconds after Firing).

Stranglethorn Explosives Edit

Ouroboros’s version of grenades. Small tennis balls once thrown they have 5 seconds until detonation. The explosives have a layer of hooks over their surface allowing them to stick to almost anything they land on. They explode and release a small spore cloud that cause asphyxiation. As well as spike like shrapnel.

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