The Nox sector (Lit: Night sector) , also known as the "Null sector","Galaxy's end","Mother of all storms" and "The dead zone" is an obscure sector of space located south of sector 73 and east from sector 78.


The Nox sector is not officially accepted as a galactic sector , however it is a part of the galaxy. This area of space is widely unexplored and therefore rarely mentioned on official maps.

The Nox sector does not posses streams at all , however it isn't a bay either , the entire sector of space is an active "storm". This means that FTL ships cannot travel through this space , leading to its isolation. All information known about this sector is by using telescopes and long range sensors on its edge.

Known (notable) SystemsEdit

Nox prime - A star system which is confirmed to possess a large group of planets. The exploration of this system was attempted many times , but all exploration ships have been lost in the storms of the sector. The route between Nox and sector 73 is known as the "Night graveyard" (Location 3200 ly from the north border)

Harris delta - A star system on the western edge of the Nox sector , on the border of sector 78. This star system is the only bay in the sector . However the system possesses only gas giants (Over 24 of them) , and therefore only a lone FTL mechanics exploration station is present. (Location 10 ly from the west border). The system recently had a boom of incoming adventurers , and the Harris Delta station expanded to the Harris Delta station complex , supporting over 40 stations for various purposes , including the telescope that started this boom.

Nox gamma - A star system known to possess a stable cloud of antimatter. The phenomenon is unexplained as the star system is located 3500 ly from the north border.

Ichor - A system on the very end of the Galactic spiral. (Location , 6800 ly from the north border)

Nox epsilon (UIS classification "Phantasm alpha") - A star system from which a continous repeating subspace signal has been emanating recently , all attempts to determine its origin or functions have failed. The UIS has shown some interest in the signal after hearing about it , and was planning to send a ship to explore the system. However several private scientist organizations have invested in a massive telescope project. And soon after the telescope was deployed in the Harris Delta system. When the scientists focused the telescope on the signal , they saw a small , completely grey planet orbiting the Nox epsilon star. The scientists have concluded that the planet must be covered in cities. This lead to a new wave of adventurers who hope to explore the Nox sector. The UIS however , still plans on sending a ship.


Not much is known about the wildlife of the Nox sector , but it is presumed to be very exotic and unique. The star system Harris delta has an indegnious species of unusual creatures that live on the gas giants , and are capable of travelling between them , biologists have yet to visit this remote part of space.

There was also sightings of unusual creatures over 400 meters in size near Harris Delta , the ships who spotted such creatures said that they "Used the Cosmodrive on an completely weird way , jumping in and out completely oblivious to the storms"

The planets deeper in the sector might have similarly weird creatures , some suggestions to their origin might be that the storms affect biology on an unexplained way.


The Nox sector was well known all the way since the empire age , even then the sector was unreachable and mostly ignored.  There were some attempts by empires to establish permanent bases inside for research purposes ,but only the one in Harris Delta survived long enough to still be profitable , and it remains to this day.

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