The Niknogard (both pronounced as Ni-ko-gar or Ni-Kno-gard) are a dragon like humanoid race with dragonmorphic powers and different elemental and warm/cold blooded physiologie based on the scale color.



UC (need to work out the appearence and then the rest will follow)

Females have a smaller build and seem to have protusions shere the breasts should be. They have a lonher tail and while having the same brute strength as malss are also faster

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Livespan/ childbirth and aging:Edit

Niknogard are born from eggs there mothers lay inside a special breeding ground, the children tend to have the scale color of one of its parents.

At birth they are fully dragon in build with soft squishy horns (that stimulate a erotic pleasure when touched), once they become 5 years old they begin to shift into there humanoid shape.

they age rather slowly like 1/5 of human growth and can easily become 500 years old, the oldest can become 650 while the youngest to die of old age was 400.

UC (their reproduction system will be depended on by their physiologie)


UC (physiologie once more XD)

each scLe color is part of a different tribe and each tribe has a personal symbol made on top of a terra cotta disk. These marks can be found on each settlement and on each member in the military

males follow a code of honor females in fights are jist plain evil. Even if their targer, lets use a human, is on the floor and giving up after being brutally assaulted by the female the female with a grin would torture the poor man to make sure he gave up by breaking all his limbs, stabbing out the eyes, pulling out hair to the point that the scalp has even lost skin, breaking ribs so its hard to breath, pulling out teeth and castrating him by pulling off his member (with females they stab into the womb with their fingers. Breaking it)



Niknogards are pretty much decendants of the Ainant, yet where the Ainaint were manipulated b the gods into the avatars they have been for so long, the Niknogards were, after having been planted on their planet by their cousins, raw and pure in their growth evolving as the Ainant would have had to grow originally


They can talk telepathically between each other, but they tend to speak out loud, keeping the telepathic uses for more private or religous settings where its better to be quiet.

they tend to speak with rolling R's and sissing S'es and long H's, due to this they have created a langauge where they speak with as few R's, S'es and H's as possible.


UC (will be taken into account of culture and history)


Niknogard's in general have a dragon counter part deep inside their DNA, fitted to the individual, due to this they can change parts or there entire body into this counter part of themself, drawing in their natural born dragon powers.

these powers tend to differ from individual, in general the dragon counter parts are stronger and have a much higher defense, fitted to something of that size and with scales that big and thick.

they can breath their element, not one can speak in tong in this shape but they can still communicate telepathically.

however from that point on it the individual can (though in rare cases some are born with no dragon powers): have wings, have plates as thick as space ship armoring but with a higher density, resistence or even in rare cases immunity to their own element, in increased healing factor of various degree's (most have the abilitie to heal wounds in seconds to minutes, after that you have those that are sickness or poison immune but you also have those that cannot recover wounds but can regrow lost limbs, one of the rarest types is a healing power so strong it can withstand a nuke being dropped right on top of the dragon, this type possess all 3 healing types), able to cover the body with their element and more are possible.

Further they can possess different scales, these scale are importent to know what type of body heat they possess and what type of element they can breath (both in dragon or humanoid shape).


(list for my self, will be removed as I go past each point:

fire-dark green, magma-dark red, air-bright green, lightning-yellow, rock-dark brown, water-deep blue, ice-green blue, forrest-bery light green+beige, light-white, shadow-black, metal-metallic, poison-dark purple, raw energy-light purple, gold scales, cold-ice blue, smoke-dark gray, crystal-copper, mist-light gray)


They can not learn magic but there element breath requires magiwaves in the area to be consumed when inhaling, though they are not aware of this




Religion and Military:Edit

UC (they possess both) the military is 90% males. males follow a code of honor. but females aside havibg the sams brute strength are also faster and fight evilly. which breaks the code of honor and thus are feared even ny males. this is why only a few femalea are allowed jn the military as they are hard to keep in control

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