Mygrain (pronounced as Mai-krane-ne) are a human looking race that even think themself as being humans with a special born power that makes them a kind of shapeshifting race, trough their transformed state if fixed from birth.

Trough now some are wondering if they are a race seperatly but just looks like humans.


Mygrain's look and basically are just like humans however they do have a unique genetic structure that are not human.

The things you can mostly see that they are different is that each has a natural born tatoo like mark on their right hand of an animal.

Also their eyes are the color fitting that of the animal on their hand.

Livespan/ Childbirth and Aging:Edit

in all aspects they are the same as humans, however there are a couple of secrets to their genetics that even they do not know of.

If living in their transformed state they age depending on that animals livespan, however this only applys to animals that live longer then humans, animals that have a shorter livespan age the same as humans, giving a secret trait to extend a persons live if the animal they transform into is an animal that lives past human lives (like giant turtles)

There exist mythical like creatures in their bloodline trough in the past million years only one bloodline has activated this possibility.

If 2 siblings were to concieve a child together, the child will have 2 animal shapes, one printed on the left and one on the right hand, also the left and right eye are colored based on the animal printed on that side of the body.


The Mygrain live of shamanistic believes.

They possess one super sized city that expends if the population grows past its current bounds, but beyond that they dont have any real settlements, keeping all people in their city.

However there are a few small encampments scattered across the planet, these are build by those that are banished from the main city for certain crimes.

currently the leader of the race has 2 children, one banished for mass murder, one being the successor, all of them are mythical creatures.


The Mygrain have a rather basic history, however they never had any wars as all living members have always been centered on the same place, creating no cuntural differences.

The leaders have always been thinking for the good of the race and with their actions there have never been any civil wars either, giving them a real peaceful past.

However they have had their hardships and combat as well, after they learned space travel technology they started to roam the sector and surrounding sectors.

one of the races they came into contact with had developed a keen interest into the abilitie of the Mygrain and started a plan to capture all of them and experiment on them and much more unknown plans were made.

The Mygrain had won and avoided extinsion, trough it has been thought that the race they were up again did get extinkt during the war (having been a small numbered race as well and having had most likely all their members on the Mygrian planet)

From this point on, they decided it was better not to use their ability in public, trough their is no law against it, but if the use of their ability in public would end up in an other mygrain hunt, the one that brought this chaos would be banished for live.


Mygrain can speak in animal tung but also learn any normal langauge, also having taken the universial langauge as their main.

They do have their own personal writhing in strange symbols and their clothes are often covered by them.


As said before, Mygrain are able to transform.

The shape they can transofrm into are imprinted on the back of their right hand and with it are fixed to that animal in that specific appearence.

Normally they can only do a full transformation and their cloths do not change with them (resulting that most end up nude when taking their human shape back), but those that realize the existence of magiwaves can control their shifts more controlled.

some animals however are closer to the mythical blood and end up with a un-natural trait and can have some other secret abilities with that.

the mystical like animals possess all traits fitting with that crearure

interestingly enough all non mythical creatures Closely resemble Earth animals though somw big felines such as the Black panther appear to be identical in outside appearance.


Mygrain have a huge talent for magic and nearly no limits to what they can do, however there are 2 limits that carry a lot of restrictions.

Mygrain that have learned to feel magiwaves can use this to become more intune with their body, this results that they can shift partically, such as a bird shifter can only grow wings while being human, a cat can grow claws or change the muscules to gain a cat like agility, a dog can shift their nose to get dog based sense of smell.

trough they do use magiwaves to do this, making it a more magic enhancement of their natural power and also limit the amount of uses due to the strain on the body.

The second rule is that in order to use magic they need something that acts as a medium to concentrate the magiwaves trough, ths takes the strain of themself but transfers it to the item instead AS that it limits the types of spells to the object, they can use a sword to create slashing type magics for example, while using a lanturn gets limited to light and fire magic.

their exist a rare few items that are unbreakable and possess other usefull abilities such as increasing a Mygrains magical power.

using a large type of spell will drain all magiwaves in the area, put up a huge mental strain and prevents the user from making partial shifts for a very long period of time, if they cannot rest up and eat then the time that they cannot partial shift will only be extended, also a spell of such size can only be done with one of the rare unbreakable objects.

the number of magic users are rather low however and most can be found banished for some reason.


Their planet is in sector 62, called Terrathrium

it is a rather large planet that supports a lot of animal live.

Religion and military:Edit

Mygrain believe that they are still being watched and guided by their ancesters, some even go so far as to claim that there ancesters are still out their on an other planet.

However there are a few budism like believers out there as well, believing that they will reincarate into an animal and then back to a mygrain, the animal is the animal they will be able to transform into once reborn as Mygrain.

Some practice certain rituals that they believe gives them the ability to deturmen what animal they will be in their next live.

They dont have a real military but are still powerful in combat, especially yhe ones that use magic.

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